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A Day in the Life of a Real Estate Guru, According to Jarret Willis



A Day in the Life of a Real Estate Guru, According to Jarret Willis

What does it feel like to be a real estate agent? This is the question that many have wondered, even those who don’t necessarily want to become one themselves.

Jarret Willis, a successful real estate agent with decades of experience in the industry, gives us a quick look into what a typical day looks like for a real estate agent.

Jarret currently works at Bespoke Real Estate, a real estate firm in the Hamptons tailored for $10 million and above properties. 

The Breakdown

A typical day in the life of a real estate agent can be broken down into fulfilling various duties that span over a few general categories – administrative, speculative, and actual contact with clients. 

The administrative aspect, of course, is what many regard as the boring part while the speculative aspect is more fun. The crux of it all, though, is to be found in the final part – the actual contacts.

Jarret Willis breaks down all of these for us in the coming sections below.

Administrative Days

On some days, most or even all of the duties of a real estate agent will be strictly administrative. And this involves performing tasks such as submitting and filing documents, agreements, and lease records; coordinating appointments; entering, reading, and analyzing data; formulating marketing strategies; maintaining an online presence, and of course, scheduling emails and calls.

Now, obviously, all of these are very slow and time-consuming tasks, which necessitates that most agents – particularly those in the upper hierarchy – outsource these duties to assistants instead of handling them themselves.

Speculative Tasks

This aspect of a real estate agent’s duties, Jarret Willis lets us know, is one of his favorites. Why? Because this is where the groundwork is laid behind the scenes for everything that ends up being successful in the end. 

Jarret Willis believes that you can liken this part of the process to the screenwriting part of writing a movie. That is where the writer’s and director’s visions meet before the actors play it out on a screen.

Some of the tasks involved in this area include lead generation: finding clients and formulating strategies. Now Jarret Willis tells us, every single person you meet can be a potential buyer, and this is where people skills come into play.

For aspiring real estate agents, to be successful in the field you must be great with people and treat everyone as well as you would a potential client.

The Contact

After putting in all the work behind the scenes, performing the administrative and speculative duties, the last, and most exciting part of the job is the actual meeting with clients.

Whether you’re acting on behalf of a buyer or seller, Jarret Willis tells us that real estate agents have to spend most of their time working with clients.

This may either income staging the homes, taking photographs, having dinners, having lengthy phone conversations, the possibilities are limitless.

Here the objective is to do everything in your power to ensure that the opposing party is convinced about what you have to offer. 

And if you happen to be the one on the receiving end, your job is to ensure that what you’re being offered is convincing enough. It sounds simple, Jarret Willis says, when you say it like that. But in reality, the task at hand is much more difficult, and more exciting than it sounds.

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