A huge turn in the life of an entrepreneur name Shaquille Hinkson

Having a passion to follow your dreams allows you to build your brand and gain the credibility that you need to attract the world. Positively using this credibility, one can achieve their goals. Let’s talk about a successful entrepreneur who owns a car detailing business now. Shaquille knows some tricky points in advertising, which helped him to earn success in this field. 

At a young age, he was passionate about keeping cars. He started his job 11 years ago at a carwash station where he used to earn $3 per hour, which was a very low income. His boss fired him because he used to take a longer time to wash a car. His boss wanted him to do the job quickly and also at a low price. Shaquille was very detail-oriented in that job, but his boss wasn’t interested in his detailed work. He only wanted the job to be done quickly. So, he fired him and Shaquille was jobless for about 3 weeks after that. Luckily he saved enough money to start a small business and came up with an idea which was mobile detailing. At that time, it was a very rare business out, so he decided to jump on the idea quickly. He purchased a van and all equipment that he needed to start that business. He was also the father of a son and decided to start a business on his name, where his company’s name comes from “Nick’s professional touch.”

After purchasing everything that was needed to start his business, he was ready to hit the road. Starting up the business was very hard at that time but somehow he managed to start this small business. At the age of 17, he was able to have his own mobile detailing business. His hard work took him some time and a lot of money to grow his business. He knew that advertising is the base of any startup so he used basic advertising tricks to promote his business. After some time, he was able to build his shop with that mobile truck. His Customer was very happy with his work and wanted to know what kind of product he used for a car wash that every part of the car shines like stars. With his hard work and good quality of service, he was able to rank his company a number 1 on Long Island.

About him – 

His name is Shaquille Hinkson, and he is 27 years old. He was born in Brooklyn, NY and now lives in the Hamptons of Long Island. He owns a huge detailing company called Nicks Professional touch, where he offers professional detailing on high-end cars. He started this business 10 years ago and now he is doing a fantastic job. He also has his own car detailing product line which is called Nicks Professional Supplies. He distributes his products to all major car wash and detailing companies around the world. He also has an educational class where he teaches students how to open up their very own detailing business as well. The name of his class is Nicks Professional Education.


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