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Successful entrepreneurship depends on various factors. Work, knowledge, and determination are the main ones that lead the way to success. Mainly the habits, mentality, and motivation are three of the most determining factors when starting a business journey. The entrepreneurship has evolved and taken its route to social media. One most impacting social media platform YouTube has many success stories with entrepreneurship. The 19-year-old young Joseph Samuel Song has been, without a doubt, an example of this. Using his skills, he has undertaken a great business, embracing all the obstacles that have been presented to get where he is today.

YouTube has been a career for many. People have invested their time and skills and have become an entrepreneur, eventually helping grow others. Starting at the age of 17 proved his skills and passion. In high school, he found videos of successful entrepreneurs on YouTube, get inspired by their 6 figures income. He thought that he could also carry out his ideas to achieve it, without knowing that this ambition would become a big business blast two years later. He based his work on the automation of YouTube and the cash cow channels. His channels and his clients’ channels make $15 to $25 per thousand visits, whereas the average channel makes $3-$5 for the same visits. He runs cash cow channels at huge profits. He says we don’t need to experiment with YouTube. Whereas, we must find high CPM niches to succeed and start from the niches that are already performing well and. What we only need to do is to work on high-quality videos.

Coming from an Asian household, his parents were also the ones wishing to see their child pursuing a college education, but they were surprised to know their child was not interested in that. Although, initially, they weren’t convinced but trusted their son and supported him with his passion. Getting a big passive income on YouTube is what he wanted but later on, with his hard work achieved all that he wanted at a very young age. With faith and determination, dealing with obstacles, Joseph began his passion from Shopify when he was only 17 years.

He hired various mentors regarding various industries, improved himself as he was ever since skilled at editing and uploading YouTube videos. Starting it for a passive income, he started making active income from it in just 2 years. He also made a new strategy and hired a team of over 100 people, and became a professional. Today, he generates a monthly income of six-figures only at the age of 19 by running his own 15 “cash cow” channels. He now has also started helping and handling over 100 channels for his customers leading to great monetization. He does this now without creating videos, as he has a great team to makes it possible and the automation of his channels.


Joseph Samuel Song, the 19-year-old entrepreneur in Southern California, handles his full-time business runs cash cow YouTube channels for himself and his clients. He has a team of over 100 employees who help him run 15 cash cow channels and manage over 100+ channels for clients.


Saurabh Singla

Saurabh Singla, Founder of CaphIQ, is an Indian Entrepreneur, Active Author, Marketing, and Fundraising Consultant. His breakthrough is primarily from generating millions of digital impressions for Entertainment, Blockchain Industry, and various Startups.

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