Ahad Khaleeq – The organised and talented young digital influencer

Ahad khaleeq is a 16-year-old the hardworking working individual who has made it big in life. He is the youngest digital entrepreneur from India. over the years he has a remarkable working portfolio that includes his various years of experience as an entrepreneur in digital marketing. He has worked with some renowned celebrities along with the influencers, and successful entrepreneurs. Achieving such hug success at a such a young is not every one’s cup of tea. But Ahad has proved that it isn’t impossible.

The way he deals with his clients depicts real entrepreneurial skills which he has embraced magnificently. He works on panning his whole day before hand making things work to his will. He balances both his business and his studies perfectly. His organised way of life is his biggest asset as he is excelling in both his business and his studies without any hindrances.

Ahad started working at a very young age of 16. While most people his age would find happiness in partying around with friends, he has bigger dreams and goals. He started as a freelancer ans his creative ability hit big very quickly in the field of digital world. He is a hard worker and has made a very good network in very short period of time. Ahad’s client list includes television artists, music labels, youtubers, tik tokers, etc.

He has established a name for himself in the world of digital marketing in India with an experience of working with the top most companies worldwide. This has aided his digital promotion.His thinking big attitude had backed him up throughout. His firm is now dealing with much promotional work of various fields like businesses, celebrity management, songs, and other promotions.

With his optimism and positive attitude he has accomplished his goals and dreams and has paved a way towards his success at a very young age itself. With his dedication and self confidence he is sure to reach greater heights in life

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