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An Idea Materialized in More Than 400 Projects: By Net Kohen

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Netanel Kohen is a young man of 20 years, who has been the protagonist of his enterprise for four years. An idea that started when he was 16 years old and has worked and perfected over time has led him to carry out more than 400 projects.

Net, as he is regularly known, had the idea of creating nightlife apps when he was just 16. It took him a few days to see the results of his first application, which was about helping people know about parties or events around them.

After a good reception of this app, Kohen was contacted by more people to develop more applications. At only 16 years old, Netanel started what would be the beginning of his success. After developing mobile apps for two years, he decided to create a company called NXTGEN in 2018.

NXTGEN is a company that is dedicated to the development of mobile applications, located in Miami. In the beginning, they only developed applications, but today they work with marketing and more.

In two years, the young entrepreneur has consolidated a team of approximately 15 specialist developers with about ten years of experience. Netanel Kohen’s dream to be an application developer gave the field to industry experts. The company NXTGEN currently contains expertise in social media marketing, public relations, advertising, and brand awareness.

From being a high school student, Kohen jumped to success in developing applications for Apple and Android.

How Did He Become Successful? The words of Net Kohen  

It was always evident that being successful was not going to be easy, but I also had in mind that everything depended on me. Like everything else, I was afraid of failure, but as time went by, I realized that without mistakes, there is no success. Mistakes make you stronger, teach you, and leave you with lessons.

To new entrepreneurs, I would like to say that failure in the first steps to success does not mean the end of everything. Every setback is synonymous with strength; mistakes help you improve and become better every day.

Believing in you above all is key. The road to success is not easy, but not impossible. I started with simple applications, and believing in myself led me to bigger things like my own company, with a solid team that works together to maintain the success of NXTGEN.

It is essential to know that after achieving success, is where the work must be stronger and more constant. Staying there requires new challenges, learning, hard work, innovation, perseverance, and focus.

How Does Net Kohen See The Future?

The future is due to the work of the present. What we do now will have consequences later on, whether they are good or bad. Netanel Kohen talks about knowing the correct steps to take, because everything you do will affect future actions.

He supports youth work and maintains the theory that the more young people start fighting for great things, the faster they will achieve goals. Working hard today, for tomorrow, is the key. It’s not about not making the same mistakes again, it’s about focusing on constant evolution.

Without fearing failure, go for goals and start over as many times as necessary. My current work is due to my goal for the future. In a few years, I want to see myself running multiple successful applications that are used around the world. That is my goal that I work from today, to see the fruits tomorrow.

What Does Net Kohen Say To Future Entrepreneurs?

First of all, age is not a limitation, young people are the golden age and can perhaps be the future of the world, but anyone can undertake it. To both young and old people, Net shares the same advice: we are all capable.

For him, it is never too early to start, nor too late, dreams have no age and all are made to be fulfilled. It’s all about setting goals and pursuing them, even for a car salesman.

“We don’t all have the same aspirations. For me, my dream and goal is the development of mobile apps, maybe for you, medicine, and that’s fine too. Dreaming is free and working to fulfill dreams is too. The only thing you need is to believe in you as your most valuable project”.


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