Andrey Kopylov is an American businessman, credit repair expert, and owner of Credit Dynamics.

Andrey Kopylov’s career pathway defines honesty, professionalism and success. Born and raised in Moscow, he left Russia as a teenager, and moved to Southern California where he continued his education. After college, he successfully completed the credit repair class, obtained new license, new home location and sizable business, all at the same time. Andrey Kopylov continues to operate his successful company, Credit Dynamics, while finding time to invest in continuous learning, and health charities.

Andrey Kopylov, the owner of Credit Dynamics, provided free services to the cancer patient seeking a loan for her cancer treatment. He believes that a brilliant strategy can put you on the competitive map, but only honest work ethic as well as excellent customer service can keep you there. Unfortunately, not many credit repair companies are good at that. Running a credit repair company in a socially responsible manner is a challenge, and some credit repair companies cut a few corners in the name of profit. However, building trust is impossible when honesty is not a guiding principle in the company. Over the past years, Credit Dynamics not only helped more than 100 companies build a strong credit, but also built loyalty and trust in customers and clients.

Young people starting families and trying to maintain nice lifestyles often face credit problem later. Of course, using credit cards when young can lead to credit debt. In his early twenties, Andrey Kopylov found himself deep in debt and fighting the credit bureaus without an inkling of how credit repair works. He once heard a wise man say, “allow your struggles to make you stronger.” These words have resonated strongly with him.

For fun, Andrey Kopylov took credit repair classes which helped him raise his credit score to excellent. Each time he shared his success with his friends, they asked him to fix their scores. Each year, his personal score went up, and so of his friends. Then he started receiving referrals from his friends who were already fans of his brand. Eventually it became such a time-consuming undertaking that he began charging money for it. That was the beginning of the Credit Dynamics. “Credit repair is what I love doing. I will do it all my life long,” says Andrey Kopylov.

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