Andy Ta Kong Says it’s Okay to be Afraid

You probably know Andy Ta Kong as the Chief Operations Officer of Project Wifi. We know that he is a hard-working entrepreneur but how exactly did he get there?

Kong was very young when he started working and came from the small community of Danville, Virginia. He loved keeping busy and helping out his family when he could.

Kong started working when he was only nine. He worked with his family at their family-owned restaurant and nail salons.

As others his age played sports, he never really got that same opportunity as he was caught in a pattern of going to school and then working when he wasn’t learning.

His parents weren’t fluent in English and so Kong was an asset in the business as he had stronger skills in this language.

After school and on weekends he would go to his father’s restaurant to help out and would alternate between that and his mother’s nail salons. Not only did he do the labor work, but he was also involved in creating online ads. This was his first experience with learning how to make money online and would later inspire him to create businesses of his own as an adult. All of these skills and work ethic that he had learned at such a young age would help build him into the man that he is today.

Kong started selling on Amazon with the FBA Private Label business model. He later worked with Kyle Buckner, owner of designskinz.com. Shortly after that, he joined the team and was given the COO position and gained exposure to e-commerce and branding in 11th grade.

As his career evolved, Kong learned about Amazon Dropshipping from a kid he found on Instagram. This kid inspired him and showed him the possibilities that his future could hold. He just had to give it a try.

When his Amazon store got suspended, he viewed this experience as a life lesson and learned from his mistakes. Later on, he created Project WiFi, an Amazon management company with his partners, Marcello Cantu, Paul Parker, and Mohammed Shakaoat. This Project has proven to be a huge success amongst Amazon sellers.

Kong says “The biggest challenge when starting a business is getting someone to believe in you.” His parents always baffled him about focusing on school and their retail business. He understands how a lot of people are afraid of new things, and it’s okay for them to be afraid.

He wants to encourage you to believe in yourself, even when no one else does. He says that if you stop at any minor inconvenience or roadblock along the way, you will never succeed. He pushed through and did things for himself even when his loved ones discouraged it. If he hadn’t pushed forward with it, he wouldn’t be as happy and financially secure as he is today.

Kong plans to continue to build up his business which currently has over 55 clients who each make thousands and thousands of dollars each month. He and his team plan on building an empire while encouraging others to do the same.

For more on Kong, you can find him on Instagram by clicking here


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