Basic success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs, according to Pohyal Stori.

Challenging oneself and going the unusual way is something that can help turn ordinary people into extraordinary success stories, believes the cultural activist and entrepreneur.

Success is a very subjective word; it can hold different meanings for different people and motivate them to carve their path to achieve greatness in their chosen industries and life overall. Different people from across all the corners of the world work towards attaining their well-defined goals and visions and associate success with the same. However, most often the path to success is filled with many peaks and valleys and requires individuals to hone certain skills that can help them along the path. Pohyal Stori’s life story is such where coming from two different cultures and background, he chose to learn from each of them and emerge as a successful German-Afghan entrepreneur and cultural activist. He is the one who brought the Pashto language in the Google translator, published Pashto web fonts and also became the owner of many IT firms.

As a successful entrepreneur still under 25, Pohyal Stori has come forward to share a few success tips for youngsters and aspiring entrepreneurs.

  • Push boundaries: Pohyal Stori chose to push boundaries and take forward his grandfather’s visions to unify the Pashtuns, by doing something through the IT and digital front, including the language in the Google translation system. Hence, pushing boundaries help people achieve the success they desire.
  • Take the risks: People who only wait for the right time end up waiting for eternity, believes the youngster. He says that taking risks, puts people into the rough waters and helps them gain great experiences, which they can turn their way and achieve success.
  • Strong self-belief: Having a strong self-belief is the first step towards success. Not paying heed to others’ opinions and working with having a belief on oneself is crucial in getting near the success one really craves for in life.
  • Have a purpose: Pohyal Stori worked with a strong purpose to do the unusual and work towards the Pashtun community, this helped him gain monumental success at a very young age. Working with having a purpose can help individuals gain extraordinary success.

Pohyal Stori believes that no obstacle can ever be big enough in people’s lives if they focus on the above-mentioned tips and know what their heart seeks. Though it takes a lot of work, but at the end, it’s all worth it.

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