Cory Muroff sheds light on 4 creative ways to boost online sales

Everyone has experienced opening a website or mobile application and spotting an advertisement for a brand within a minute of scrolling. Whether it tempts the viewer to click and buy or scroll away depends on several factors. As an entrepreneur with almost a decade of experience, Cory Muroff has figured out the secret to landing clients online and improving sales better than most. Here he shares 4 novel ways to increase online sales.

1. Build ideal consumer personas and target them

Muroff suggests that building detailed personas for different categories of clients that would ideally be interested is a great way of improving the sales strategy. He says, “Take the time to get to know your target audience in detail, answer their queries, and reply to their feedback. Testimonials from similar previous customers further instill trust and improve online sales in the long run.”

2. Optimize for similarity on all grounds

Based on past purchases and repeat customers, Muroff suggests optimizing online ads to be displayed to users who share similar characteristics. This can be age, location, interests, etc., and can be an added feature to sponsored posts. The product/service images that are on display on every platform are also worth investing in, according to Muroff. They give away how much the brand is willing to invest in itself, and by association, in customer service and management.

3. Allow customers to pay however they want

Offering discounts for a limited period, offering a free trial for a service, and increasing the number of payment modes increases customers’ probability of going through with their purchase. Muroff adds, “Provide as much incentive, free and otherwise, as possible to push hesitant customers to purchase their cart items. Another way is to provide limited discounts on using certain payment modes and further driving sales.”

4. Use criticism in the next copy

Most ads that go viral on social media or drive major sales online speak to the customers, and the competition, directly. There are numerous examples of fast-food chains, toothpaste commercials, and others who have twisted criticism to point out their uniqueness and recent upgrades in their brand. “By creating a distinct brand image through your online presence, you invite customers in, even push them to switch from the competition,” concludes Muroff.

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