Determination, Positive Energy, and Enthusiasm: Alessandro Cassano’s Tools to Succeed in the Fitness World

The fitness industry today is a fairly saturated field and to stand out in it you have to be very authentic and good. This has led to great personal trainers going beyond being physical trainers to life trainers. To take that step, three things are needed for Alessandro Cassano, a very successful personal trainer.

Cassano gives credit for three things today, his determination, positive energy, and his enthusiasm. That has led him to stand out from others in this business. Since he began to feel passionate about fitness he was determined to become a personal trainer. Doing whatever it takes to achieve his dream.

In 2008 he began taking his first steps as a trainer, getting clients, and making himself known. The path was not easy, as at that time he had to combine his passion, which is to train, with a job at night. He still couldn’t live from being a personal trainer alone. That only motivated him to work harder with great determination.

Today, Alessandro has a great team to serve more than 30 clients a day. The journey that has brought him to where he is today, he would not have been able to achieve, are the determination to continue, the positive energy to transmit to his clients, and the enthusiasm with which he carries out his work. He is a member of the ICF “International Coaching Federation” and has a diploma in NLP, something he is very proud of.

The ability to share his qualities with clients

To stand out in the world of fitness you need to click with clients, create a powerful connection, that turns them into a team. Alessandro’s clients have experienced how his charisma and determined personality has led them to achieve both physical and mental change. It is one of the reasons why his first clients are continuing the journey with him.

Cassano’s ability to transmit his teachings and values has made him stand out in his field. He can see beyond each person’s physical obstacles and by using determination and transmitting his positive energy touches the necessary fibers to make the most of them.

His knowledge of the human mind makes him different, he takes personalized training to another level. Today people who adopt his training method will experience a mental and physical journey that will amazingly change their lives. Alessandro becomes one with his client and adopts his client’s goals as his own, so he knows he cannot afford to fail.

When he realized that many of those who could not reach their goals, it was not because they had physical barriers to break, but rather mental barriers. That’s when he devised a method so that everyone who started with him would end up achieving his goals. That’s when TRIVO (intensive and definitive training of the objective) was born. A mental process that leads you to awaken your maximum physical potential.

The revolution in the world of fitness

Thanks to his ability to transmit his qualities to his clients and by applying his three tools, determination, positive energy, and enthusiasm, he was able to create a revolutionary method. This connection with each of his clients allowed him to discover a flaw that many of those who did not achieve their goals had.

The problem was mental, so with TRIVO, he has an ally. There are six sessions dedicated to training the mind, to set a goal that once you have assimilated it, you move on to the physical activity. In this process Alessandro uses all his knowledge in NLP, to train the mind and later the body.

This has led him to be at the forefront and to be able to impact more people every day. He has also gained international recognition with appearances in major magazines and on renowned television stations.

The life of Alessandro Cassano leaves us with very important lessons. The first is to set goals, doing everything possible to achieve them, including managing your time properly. Another lesson is his ability to connect with clients and identify their needs. These are fundamental to success.


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