Digital superstar Foodgod joins CanaFarma to launch new hemp oil products

It is no secret that the CBD and hemp oil industries have exploded in recent times; But, how can consumers differentiate the winning products from the gimmicky and ineffective ones? Usually, a pretty effective indicator of a particular brand´s success and market acceptance is the involvement of A-list stars (think Jordan and Nike) – but as consumption trends continue evolving, a new generation of hyper informed customers is no longer willing to purchase a product simply because a celebrity recommends it.

The modern consumer has come to expect superior quality, backed by research and supported by pop culture. It´s a brave new world.

The executive team at CanaFarma Hemp Oil Products, a leading company which is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange – (CNFA) –  quickly understood this irreversible shift and acted upon it with brilliance by doubling down on scientific research and development in order to provide the best possible product to every single consumer while simultaneously and effectively infiltrating the pop culture mainstream. 

The company recently announced a high profile strategic partnership with Foodgod – born Jonathan Cheban- the iconic digital star that has amassed a devoted following on social media thanks to his unique style and boundless passion for food that connects with millions of devoted “foodies” all over the world.

Foodgod and CanaFarma will work together to create a line of high-quality hemp oil-infused snacsk and desserts that meet the highest standards of excellence. CanaFarma’s science-based approach to designing and formulating its products will be partnered with Foodgod’s unique knowledge of the food industry to deliver premium products under the Foodgod brand in which consumers can have great confidence.

Foodgod (Jonathan Cheban) commented, “I am excited to partner with CanaFarma to execute my vision to create a Foodgod CBD snack and dessert line inspired by the best of Pop Culture, which my audience of millions has grown to expect of the Foodgod brand.  Together with CanaFarma, which takes a rigorous and science-based approach to the business, we will meet the highest standards of excellence.” 

David Lonsdale, CEO of CanaFarma said, “We are delighted to have secured this joint venture partnership with Foodgod and look forward to creating the most exciting brand for CBD products.”

The announcement was celebrated across every major social media platform with users expressing excitement and anticipation. Could this be the start of a widespread cultural trend within a relatively new industry? 

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