Fat Panda Tuan is Exactly What Hip Hop Needs

Maryland’s newest homegrown rap star, Fat Panda Tuan, represents a fundamentally different, more urgent sound, but one that’s just as popular in and central to Maryland’s rap scene. Tuan is a daring, acrobatic rapper in the most literal sense: He’s willing to tie himself up in knots with precise, staccato runs, which are kept from seeming like navel-gazing exercises through his finely attuned feel for the production and through sheer force of personality. Shinobi Tempura is his remarkable album which ignites the true hip hop flavor.  Tuan’s mind boggling album expresses mainly about his beliefs, and what he stands for. The cover is a female Shinobi meditating with a fat variety of foods, clouds, and samurai swords above her.

Tuan’s tsunami will surpass the boundaries of time and space in no time. His music is all about living freely, doing the things you want to accomplish, and living your best life one fat step at a time. Sha Be Allah comments on his craftsmanship in a very eloquent way and establishes him a rising star.

“Fat’s humor and witty lyricism, which prompted the unconventional title, is all a part of Tuan’s one of a kind persona. Coupled with his illustrious dance moves and creative visuals, Fat Panda is the new millennial, Vietnamese version of Biz Markie.” -Sha Be Allah

Tuan’ lively energy flows through his music. He himself has revealed his utmost feelings regarding his music in these words: “I want people to feel the vibes as if they’re in my studio session. I want to transfer good energy and pump them up in whatever they’re doing in their day. I want to build that connection with my audience so they not only hear but feel the words I say.”

fat panda tuan

Recently, he has been out of sight because he’s steadily working and plotting for his success. Fat has got his own swag and fan base. He is without a doubt one of the most prolific, weirdest, and hardest-working rappers in the game right now. His recent music adventure professes itself in an explicit art cover where a girl is calling Fat Panda Tuan asking WYA. Overall, his music stimulates a mood like no other. 


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