“Feelings Unheard” makes JoJo Marissa an expert in understand the fans’ minds

With the release of her brand-new track “Feelings Unheard,” JoJo Marissa has made a name for herself. The song became a huge hit almost immediately. Fans of the genre are gushing about this new blockbuster hit all over the Internet. Marissa has risen to prominence in the music industry with the release of her debut single, “Feelings Unheard.”

Marissa has demonstrated to her fans that she knows her way around music, despite her model reputation. She released a three-track EP this year. All of the songs on her EP are growing progressively popular. Her upbringing allows her to create music that is distinctive to her audience.

To ensure the quality of “Feelings Unheard,” Marissa worked closely with Rumor Records. This highly catchy track was created by her and Rumor Records. Their efforts are evident when you consider how much better the party is as a result of the music.

Listen to Marissa’s music here:

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