Film Producer Cole Carter Reflects on His Journey to Becoming a Self-Made Millionaire

Some people choose to become entrepreneurs, but others seem to be born into the desire to create and work for themselves. Film producer Cole Carter is one of these individuals, and he’s encountered colossal success, becoming a self-made millionaire at just 22 years old.

Cole’s journey is far from conventional. After one semester, he dropped out of college, deciding to focus all of his time and energy on his tech startup he was working on at the time. Cole added, “I realized college isn’t necessary to be successful,” said Cole, “the internet is a limitless resource of information and there for you to learn anything you’ve ever dreamt of.”

By the time Cole was 21, he was running multiple successful tech businesses. He worked in the blockchain, AI, and data science to name a few. While he enjoys working in these businesses, he still isn’t satisfied and wanted to do more.

This led Cole to start his film production company Argonaut MG. They currently have three films in pre-production and are in talks with Netflix about a few projects. “Argonaut will be a household name” he said.

When he started Argonaut MG, Cole didn’t have a ton of experience in the film industry. What he did have was the drive and the love for film. When Cole was growing up, he would make movies using his parents’ VHS camcorder, and he always wanted to be part of that world. It just took him some time to realize he could do it.

Putting the incomes from all of these projects together, Cole Carter has become a self-made millionaire. He invests much of this money back into his newest projects and is excited to live the life he always wanted. “I know it’s crazy, but I always knew I could do this,” said Cole. “Even though I’m just 22, I knew I was going to do big things. I just had to believe in myself and put in tons of hard work to get where I’m at, and I’m not even close to where I want to be”

Cole has some tips for other entrepreneurs looking to find success. “I have my best ideas when I’m out in nature, not looking at a screen,” he said. “I find inspiration by living a spontaneous lifestyle and always switching things up in my life. I think it’s very important to take time away to reflect and learn, whether thats meditating in your room or walking down the street or however you find peace. For me it’s meditation”

Even though Cole Carter has already made it big, he doesn’t plan to slow down any time soon. He still works with his tech companies and works even harder on creating films for Argonaut MG. No matter what the future holds for him, Cole knows it’s going to be huge.

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