FONZ Planning to Prevent Future Crises with Safewear, Underwear Formulated to Protect Humans from EMF

Founder Antonio Matos, former spy and IP attorney in China, says FONZ is a hedge against rising tech companies

The WHO has classified cell phone radiation in the same category as engine exhaust, while the U.S. National Toxicology Program has found clear evidence that cell phones cause cancer.

“The EMF issue is real,” says Matos, “Over 30,000 studies link TMF (tech-made frequency) to significant negative health impacts, and we exist to mitigate that risk to our health.”

For perspective, the $5 trillion health and wellness industry is actually larger than the entire IT industry, and since COVID, its growth rate has accelerated while tech’s has slowed.

There are many solutions on the market to prevent exposure, but they’ve been largely driven by fear-tactics and are oftentimes faulty products which don’t actually work. EMF protection clothing generally places the metal grid made of a conductive material on the inside of clothing, which according to EMF experts can have the opposite effect.

“Any contact of the skin with the metal grid of the garment actually increases exposure locally.” writes Dr. D.J. Panagopoulos of the National Center of Scientific Research in Athens.

FONZ has developed the patent-pending FaradayTech which locates conductive yarns on the exterior of its products, preventing heavy metals and other toxins from entering the body where it can worsen the body’s absorption of TMF.

The Silicon Valley startup uses silver in its fabric which is also antibacterial, and a super comfortable breathable interior that prevents both moisture and charge buildup on the skin.

The company’s men’s line protects the family jewels, as well as the brain and heart, from daily exposures. Their women’s brief is now on sale for pre-order on their website:

While other companies speed to market and prey on consumer fears, putting a bad wrap on the protection industry, FONZ has partnered with the Environmental Health Trust (, led by former Clinton Administration advisor Dr. Devra Davis, which leads at the forefront of tackling the EMF issue from the policy angle.

One 2008 study cited in Davis’ book found a ten times higher rate of damaged DNA in human cells exposed to radio-frequency radiation from 3G phones compared to 2G phones. The EMF safety guidelines and regulations are some of the safest in the U.S., but use the SAM as the safety benchmark.

“SAM stands for “standard anthropomorphic male,” and he was taken from the top ten percent of military recruits in 1989. He was six-foot-three, weighed 220 pounds, and had an 11-pound head. Most people in the world do not have SAM’s head. Radiation goes more deeply into a smaller head than a larger one. And today, three out of every four 12- year-olds, and half of all ten-year-olds, have a cell phone.”, claims Davis, “Children today are growing up in a sea of radio-frequency radiation that did not exist even five years ago. They need to be protected.”

We’re still human, and to be sure, we’re going to play it safe.

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