From engineering to network marketing: The Dreamlife of Charlotte Graham “If you dream it, you do it.”

Almost every other person in this world dream, but only a few are the ones that hold the courage to make them a reality. To bring the change, one must struggle and fall in love with the process that takes the person even closer to the dream. We all love the result, not the process. Those who love the process are the ones who bring the desired changes in their lives. One such example is of a young woman Charlotte Graham, and she’s going to be today’s topic of discussion.

This 26 years old, hasn’t seen failures as a weakness. Besides, she takes every change as one step closer toward her goals. Charlotte, whenever she has to make decisions, never fears the change as it is necessary to move forward. She is always focused on her ambitions and the struggle and changes needed to reach them. Perceiving change as positivity and embracing it throughout the journey has led her to where she is today.
In the past, she worked as an industrial engineer. She had ambitious goals like every other person has but realized soon after graduating that with that typical financial cycle, it was inevitably impossible to meet her ambitious goals, satisfy herself. She wanted an exponential growth to get financial freedom. She followed her instincts and for 3 years her monthly income has increased to 100 times more compared to what she used to make as an employee. She dedicated her full potential for learning and growing and this is what she is today.

She is a professional in network marketing, she has dedicated her life to this industry for the last three years, breaking stereotypes, achieving milestones. She reached the rank of Chairman 10 with only a few months in the network marketing environment. She continued to work hard, and in such a short time today, she holds the rank of Chairman 50. Her tireless efforts have brought her to the point to enjoy the lifestyle she has always dreamed of.

A living example Charlotte Graham, a young entrepreneur, stands out of the rest just by taking the right decisions, believing firmly, visualizing, and using her skills. Throughout her career, she has lived by this and has achieved milestones she always wanted to. Charlotte believes making the right decisions makes the journey worthwhile and much easier. She firmly holds the idea that one should not rush to get out of a situation and choose wisely, having clarity of what you want and where you want to see yourself. By keeping this in mind and working for it, this dedication led you to your goal and, it will be witnessed shortly.

About Charlotte Graham –

26-year-old Charlotte Graham put her profession aside and became a network marketing professional. Through her organization, she has managed to make more than $ 5 million in sales with above 250 direct affiliations and a team of over 3,000 people. She is awarded as the # 1 Recruiter of the Year in Latin America in 2019 by the IM Mastery Academy company.

Charlotte GrahamIn Charlotte’s opinion, believing, working to achieve, and getting results are what brave ones do and reach their goals.


Saurabh Singla

Saurabh Singla, Founder of CaphIQ, is an Indian Entrepreneur, Active Author, Marketing, and Fundraising Consultant. His breakthrough is primarily from generating millions of digital impressions for Entertainment, Blockchain Industry, and various Startups.

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