Get Uncut coverage at “UNCUT WITH LUCIA” by WorldAuthors.Org

WorldAuthors.Org is an eminent platform for writers, authors, and scriptwriters. It leaves no stone unturned to help writers get the right exposure and positioning. In line with this, WorldAuthors.org is all set to launch a new program, namely UNCUT with Lucia.

UNCUT WITH LUCIA is a series exclusively meant for authors, writers, scriptwriters, etc. In the future, WorldAuthors.org will expand this series, where they will have different interviewers taking the series forward. UNCUT will be a video series that will be published as-is; there will be no editing done later.

The idea of this unique concept first came to the mind of the founder of WorldAuthors.Org, Gaurav Gulati. He is a world-renowned personal branding expert. He himself is a famous author who has authored more than four books on sundry subjects, from personal branding to brand awareness.

Speaking about the launching of UNCUT WITH LUCIA, Mr. Gulati said, “Our sole motive is to help budding and established writers get the right exposure. Being an author myself, I understand it is not so easy to create positioning amidst huge competition. There was always a dire need to have a platform, where writers and authors can feel free to display their writings and get reasonable positioning.”

Further, he added, “UNCUT WITH LUCIA is just an extended form of my objective, and I am sure it will help people achieve what they desire. Specifically, for this program, we collaborated with Lucia Matuonto. She is very talented and has a good command on multiple international languages. I am sure this program will add value to the writers’ lives, and they will achieve their goals.”

Stay Tuned, Folks… “UNCUT WITH LUCIA” is soon to be launched!

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