Growing on Social Media and Creating Your Brand to be Successful: Edu Pruni Shares His Experience

In the world of social networks has changed the way people consume products and services. Today everyone is struggling to get a little bit of an audience, whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. The benefits of attacking these networks and creating a personal brand are endless, and the best thing is that it can be done at a relatively low cost.

Edu Pruni knows this, so he has based his career on personal branding on social networks. From his point of view, to be successful in any field, people need to recognize themselves as a reliable brand. He has become known as a model, working for major brands and magazines. Due to his travels and his passion for engines, he has managed to capture the attention of hundreds of thousands of people who today follow him on his Instagram account.

On that platform, he is a real influence, and every day he grows more and more and establishes himself as a strong and recognized brand in the industry. This led him to venture into the business world, where he now owns a well-known restaurant chain in his country. He believes that a large part of his success in the business world is due to his ability to create a brand.

But growing and creating a brand in social networks is not easy. Nothing comes for free, and it is always hard and constant work that will give you results.

How Did Edu Pruni Achieve This?

Cultivating an image, growing organically, and achieving a position as a recognized personal brand is not easy. Edu has experienced this first hand. When he entered modeling, his passion for networks grew, and he began to be more constant with his publications and made them more attractive.

His work took him to impressive destinations, and he documented each trip on his own. Those landscapes were the ones that started to gain him a following. It was there that he discovered that uniting his life’s passions and showing them to the world brought results. Soon after, he began to show his love for cars and continued to grow.

Continuing to upload valuable content for his followers, regularly and at the right time, is the key to organic growth in any social network. Also, you must cultivate a relationship with your followers, they seek to feel part of your life and your brand. When they see this happen, they become a loyal community.

Edu has cultivated a community he is proud of, with which he can interact often and is reciprocated with loyalty to his brand. This serves as a leverage for him to promote his projects in the fashion world as well as in the business world. Demonstrating that as long as you have a personal brand, you can succeed in any field, you set your mind to.

Using the Power of Networks to Scale Business Success

Every action you take in your life must be with a clear purpose. It is the only way you will be headed on the right path. To succeed, you must take a set of actions that will smooth your path. This is how Edu Pruni has managed to establish himself as an entrepreneur.

He dedicated himself to cultivating a personal brand on social networks and then ventured into the world of business. Doing it that way does not guarantee you will be 100% effective, but it does give you a significant boost. By being recognized, more people will be interested in what you do so that you can turn interested people into potential customers.

Depending on your impact on the networks, you can attract more people to your business every day. You just have to keep interacting and always showing what you are doing. This cultivates trust in your brand, and that trust will be transferred to your business.

People make connections, so Edu’s brand is connected to his business, transferring the trust they have in him to his restaurant chain.

Just as Edu Pruni has done, you can perfectly do it. Creating a personal brand is what all marketing experts recommend today. It is the best way to stand out from the competition.


Saurabh Singla

Saurabh Singla, Founder of CaphIQ, is an Indian Entrepreneur, Active Author, Marketing, and Fundraising Consultant. His breakthrough is primarily from generating millions of digital impressions for Entertainment, Blockchain Industry, and various Startups.

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