Hazelle Gomez shows fans she is an artist to watch out for with her new single “Welcome to the other side”

Hazelle Gomez has bestowed upon us yet another of her incredible creations. Her music is typically energetic and makes you want to dance the moment you finish listening to it. “Welcome to the other side,” on the other hand, is an exception. And you’ll understand why after you hear it.

Rumor Records has recognized her decision to choose a new path this time and has given her complete support. They made the song according to her directions, resulting in this exquisite piece of music.

“Welcome to the other side” is a music with a soothing vibe. You won’t always want to dance. When you’re feeling down and just want to have a tranquil and amazing time, you can depend on “Welcome to the other side” to make your evening lovely and joyful. The music lifts your mood and delivers a wonderful time.

Hazelle’s music is available at:

Her Instagram account may be found at:

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