Interview of Mohammad Nayem: Youngest Digital & Entrepreneur in Bangladesh

When most of the youngsters nowadays are just willing to do anything over social media to earn on their own, to get fame and name, to achieve a lot of followers, there is a man named Mohammad Nayem who has already achieved them all! We got a chance to get his interview for the same! Here it is-

Q. Tell us about yourself a little bit, from where you belong, what you are currently doing, your age?

“My name is Mohammad Nayem, I hail from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I’m 19years old. I’m an inter 2nd-year student currently.”

Q. So, how did you think about entering into the field of social media? Your social media journey?

“Umm.. nothing special, I just started my journey on Social media two years back just for timepass. That time I didn’t know I can earn through it too! I just liked memes, school life, and all so just opened a social media account named @lifeofschool_ which was basically based upon memes over School life and all. As I said, that was just for timepass. But people started liking my posts, my memes, even I started loving handling the page, and soon, it grew more and more. Then I started creating and even buying more pages and now, I have a huge base of about 100m+ Instagram followers.”

Interview of Mohammad Nayem Youngest Digital Entrepreneur in Bangladesh 2

Q. That’s great! You even told us that you have started a digital marketing company of your own. Tell us about that?

“Yeah, I have started a digital marketing company named Independent Morning of which I am the founder and CEO. I have two years of experience in the field of social media management and digital marketing and I have even worked and handled campaigns of many big brands like Vigo, TikTok, etc. So, I started a company of my own for the same.”

Q. What are your goals, future plans now? Your dreams?

“My biggest dream now is to lead my main page @lifeofschool_ to 10m followers. My goals include expanding my company and increasing its brand value in the market and become a successful entrepreneur.”

Q. Wow, that’s good to hear! So, what would you like to tell our readers in the end? Most people don’t even know that you can earn using social media too, what would you like to suggest to them?

“I would like to suggest that, this is the age of social media, mostly everyone is active on social media these days so, for once keeping just entertainment aside and using it for timepass only, just utilize it to showcase your talents. Social media is a great platform for all budding artists! Use it wisely.”

In the end, we would like to thank Mohammad Nayem for this amazing interview. It was our pleasure to interview them.


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