Investment On Mohsen Avid And Javad Safaee Complementary Stars By Pooria Ghohroodi

In the last interview with Pooria Ghohroodi, he announced that Mohsen Avid and Javad Safaee are two of the actors who have been the best supporting stars in their last three films.

In this interview, Pooria Ghohroodi added: “It is a pure fact that I can boldly say that I have worked on more than 20 movies and series, and neither of them has been as enjoyable for me as working with these two artists.”

He refers directly to Javad Safaee’s precise performance in playing his role, and reading the music in the film and his particular style, and in one of his sections that Javad Safaei should have been discovered 10 years ago and could have used it. They do a lot in cinema and theater, he noted
Not to mention Mohsen Avid (Mohsen Parhizkar) commented that Mohsen Avid is one of the best rappers in Iran, whose acting is as wonderful as his singing, and according to Mohsen Avid himself, there is never any claim that an actor is not great but always appears ready in front of the camera
Pooria Ghohroodi is sure that in the not too distant future, by collaborating with Javad Safaee and Mohsen avid, he can have very high sales in relation to the films they play together.

In this news, Pooria Ghohroodi announced that with Mohsen and Javad, I plan to implement more than 5 other projects. So far, the projects in which Javad and Mohsen work together can be called the way of music Mr mixer, and traditional industry in these three films, in which these two actors complement each other and play the best way in front of the camera.

A brief introduction to the lives of these two actors

Javad Safaee Born in Mashhad, Iran, Javad Safaee is one of the greatest arrangers in Iran in terms of combining industrial, traditional, and modern styles. He has recorded many of his famous works in the UK and performed in major Nigerian concerts. Most of his styles are related to Iranian traditional music and their convergence and its dependence on Native American style. In fact, it is a combination of Native American and traditional and original Iranian styles.

Mohsen Avid ( Mohsen Parhizkar ) Born in 1993 in Tehran, Iran, Mohsen Avid is one of the greatest first-generation Iranian rappers. He has family and political issues in his artistic career as a music professional.

He recently made a million views on Spotify in less than a month with his emotionless music.

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