Jahidul Hasan has established himself as a music artist and professional digital marketer

Jahidul Hasan is a musician, entrepreneur, and digital marketer from Bangladesh. Jahidul Hasan is both a musician and an entrepreneur, and a digital marketer.

Bangladesh, Brammanbaria 18th May 2021. Jahidul Hasan is a musician and digital marketer from Bangladesh. Since his college days, his passion for singing and online marketing has rendered him a recognizable face. He was born on 06 August 1995. After 26 years, he is now recognized in Bangladesh as a music artist and digital marketer. Jahidul Hasan is a musician, an entrepreneur, and a digital marketer alike.

In 2020, he founded “Jahid Music Tech,” a music and technology firm. Because of its beauty and excellent service, this company rapidly became well-known around the world. The Jahid Music Tech business offers music supply, music analysis, music composition, music recording, music publishing, and music promotion, among other services. As a result of his efforts, he has established himself as a skilled and influential digital marketer and entrepreneur.

On the 5th of January, 2021. Jahidul Hasan’s debut song as a musician is titled “Depression.” This song is available on various internet sites such as YouTube, TikTok, Spotify, Google Music, among others. After the single was out, people fell in love with it. The lyrics and music sound are appealing and realistic, and these two qualities affect people’s hearts, which is why they love this song. Following the popularity of his first song, he releases other tracks such as “Midnight Dream,” “My Painting,” and so on. He recently acquired YouTube’s Verified Artist page.

Since making a name for himself as a musician and competent digital marketer. He recently said that “life is quite difficult, but if you transcend your defeats and work hard, you will undoubtedly be successful in your life.” He also said that he wanted to be a musician since he was a teenager and that he has lost hope many times but never given up. Jahidul Hasan, now 26, is a prolific recording artist and experienced digital marketer.It is not straightforward to achieve success in life at such a young age. Yet Jahidul Hasan did it with zeal and dedication. He was optimistic about his life goal as a boy. Now, he has accomplished her life dream and is telling the world about it as a recording artist and talented digital marketer. People admire him for his attitude as well as his inventions.

This guy is still seen as an icon for many younger generations. People admire him as a musician and a professional digital marketer. Jahidul Hasan is a role model for future generations.

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