Mahfuz Emon – A Story of Talented Music Composer & Singer From Bangladesh

Mahfuz Emon (Born On December 3, 1995) is a Bangladeshi Musical Artist & Composer. He is a most talented music Composer, Pianist, Lyricist and a Entrepreneur in Bangladesh. He is from Jessore and grown up in Chittagong and now he working with Bangladesh Music Industry. Basically he works on modern pop music, EDM and a fusion of Bengali folk music.

Mahfuz Emon started his music career from 15 years old as a singer. But beside singing he was more interested to produce music. At the age of 18, he started to make composition of music at his Home Studio, Now he has one of the best well decorated & professional studio in well known city which is known as Melodybee Records. Mahfuz Emon at present invests the greater part of his energy with the music. He is longing for turning into a better quality music maker.

He is an upcoming Bangladeshi artist who was confirmed as an official artist verified by YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, google, and many international music portals in 2020. Rather than becoming a musician, he is best known as an educational entrepreneur.

In addition to this, he composed music for some TV dramas and various labels. Currently he doing cover and own track for his verified YouTube channel which is known as “Mahfuz Emon”.

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