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Meet Most Young And Successful Indian Entrepreneur Sk Sahabaz Quadri



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New Delhi : Sk Sahabaz Quadri (born March 15, 2005 ) is a indian singer-songwriter, and music producer as well as youngest successful entrepreneur of India at the age of 16. Sk Sahabaz Quadri has multi-instrumentalist who taught himself how to play the drums, guitar, bass guitar, piano, and was in his highschool band, playing alto, tenor, and baritone saxaphone. Even though he was also musically gifted with a voice to sing, he rarely sung few songs because of his shyness. Sk Sahabaz Quadri was born in Bhadrak odisha, India. At an early age he was immersed in music as well as digital marketing. His father was and is currently the lead Digital marketing company.His father helped to nurture his musical talents, and digital marketing, spending countless hours with his son, singingand playing various instruments. At age 6 he first held a drumstick, and his own company, and at age

15 he became the first Youngest successful entrepreneur of India. He is heavily involved with his company, During high school he excelled in multiple arenas. He lettered in Basketball his senior year while starting at the

point guard position. In the schools theatre departmen the landed lead roles in both The King and I and The Wizard of Oz, where he played the role of the Scarecrow.

After receiving high praise for his acting powers, and after much persuasion from his classmates, Stephen released acollection of video covers on YouTube.

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