Meet Rabbi Avraham Chaim Kerendian, Torah Scholar and Synagogue Prayer Leader of Sephardic YU

Rabbi Chaim Kerendian, studying at YU Torah is an Israeli University Torah Scholar and teacher who provides daily Shiurim, contemporary Halacha, and Kashrus lectures for free to the public. If you are interested in improving your Gemara, Torah, and study of Judaism join Rabbi Chaim Kerendian at Yeshiva, a University for free, online Torah lectures, compliments of YU Sephardic News.

During Rabbi Chaim Kerendian’s service at the YU Shiurim, Rabbi Kerendian led the student community in several new Torah program activities. He has worked with both Rabbi Chaim Brovender, who is the president of ATID and with Rabbi Chaim Ilson who is the leading YUTorah online Rabbi Scholar.

Rabbi Chaim planned and designed the Sephardic Halacha Minyan, a weekly, Shabbat interactive religious prayer service for Yeshiva Hebrew students and families where they would gather for Torah, prayer, and Jewish sermons. An excellent Rabbinic community leader, Rabbi Chaim led the 2020 community-wide praying campaign, which brought together congregants and ultimately led to the design of several creative YU programs and initiatives such as a Sephardic teen youth program, a committee to address contemporary Kashrus Halacha Q and A’s and a family-friendly group organizing additional social and educational programs for kids and teens.  Rabbi Chaim is privileged to learn and to share and invites all to join his synagogue, similar to Temple Isaiah, a special anniversary issue looking to educate the YU community.

In summer of 2012, Rabbi Chaim Kerendian founded the Kerendian Sephardic Synagogue of YU which started with a mere initial group of twenty families and by 2020 quintupled to over one hundred families. Rabbi Kerendian introduced some of the many Torah programs and activities currently offered to Jewish schools, Yeshiva, and synagogues around the YU community. Rabbi Kerendian currently offers classes on a wide variety of Jewish topics that meet 3 nights a week and on Shabbats, with holiday programs and special lectures for Passover, Hannukah, and Purim. Rabbi Chaim leads twice daily Sephardic Minyans and is responsible for the growth of the synagogue congregation that currently manages Youth Education Programs and Youth Activities for over 100 sephardic Yeshiva families.

Rabbi Chaim Kerendian currently writes on a variety of Torah and Judaic columns ranging from a weekly lectures on the Torah Parsha portion of the week to an article on Current Jewish Events from a Halacha Perspective and explanations for Sephardic Jewish Laws and Customs. Rabbi Chaim occasionally is invited as a guest lecturer and writer for the Journal of Jewish Initiatives. In addition to these Jewish programmings Rabbi Kerendian helped create and find a Pro-Israel advocacy group, Yeshiva Israel Unite, based in the Jerusalem yeshiva area. Rabbi Kerendian is a big believer in life and spreading the message of God and has also sponsored his own TV show (Torah, Chaim to Life with Rabbi Kerendian), which now reaches thousands across Israel.

At Congregation Kerendian Sephardic, Rabbi Kerendian has worn many hats, but above all has learned firsthand the profound impact that Judaism can have upon our identities. Rabbi Kerendian continues to be a teacher and leader of those young and young-at-heart, bringing his passion for rabbinic texts, Halacha justice, and Judaism’s wisdom into the lives of those fellow Jews and to our world.

For Shabbat Dinners, Halacha parties, or online lectures contact Rabbi Chaim Kerendian today. Rabbi Chaim is proud to walks the fine line between his love of Jewish tradition and his vision for a strong and vibrant Torah future. It is the union of these two Israeli perspectives that Rabbi Chaim feels will create the most pleasing vision of the Jewish, Sephardic future of Yeshiva.

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