Meet with Uday Biswas, A Person who representing his country in international platform.

Uday Biswas, A young boy from Dhaka who becomes the most popular musician and producer in Bangladesh. He is a 20 years old boy who worked hard to established himself worldwide & and he is successful. From his childhood, Uday has a dream to represent himself and his country on an international platform. Uday now in the top row of trending musical artists in the SouthAsia. 

Early Life:

Uday Biswas (13 June 2001) is known as the youngest musical artist and author. He has started his musical journey in 2016.  From his childhood, Uday always tries to make some things melodious. After some time, He realized that he has the ability to represent himself on the international platform. So, He started to work with it. In this ambition, his Father “Upen Biswas” and his mother “Shila Biswas” help him a lot. He always tries to abide rules of his parents. He is a person who believes in Honesty, A person with a kind heart and extraordinary talents. 

Education and Qualification:

Uday Biswas is so talented in his school college career. He always in Top in Result. He has successfully graduated with the highest qualification (Master’s Degrees) from the University of Dhaka. Before he has studied in Kabi Nazrul Govt College. He is now doing his study in music.

Awards, Achievements in his career:

Uday is a multi-talented musician and producer. He has been awarded many times In his country. Grameenphone Music Award 2019, Meril Prothom-Alo Music Award 2018, Best Music Producer 2020, Best Playback Singer in Bangladesh. Now he is trying to add international awards to his collection. 

Future dreams about his career:

Uday Biswas set his dreams to make his country well known on international platforms. His released songs are available in every international music streaming servicer like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Soundcloud, Tidal, Amazon Music. He has released almost 10+ Albums and 80+ singles released already in his short career. He is unstoppable & and still working on it. He just makes his fans and audience happy. 

What is the before and afterlife of Uday Biswas:

Many of his fans want to know on Social Media and other platforms like Facebook, Twitter that, How was his previous life? Does he struggle for anything?” Uday said, Life is not a bed of roses. You have to struggles in every single position in life. If you belong to a middle-class family, these struggles and pain will double. In my case, I have struggled a lot in my previous life. I have also dreamed as other children do. Some of them avail themselves it and some of them not. I always try to make my parents happy and So, I never ask for anything from my parents do that the feels pain.” 

His popular releases you should know:

As before we know Uday has released almost 10+ Musical Album and 80+ singles in his short career. His popular albums are

  • Breath Ou (2021)
  • Red Right Hands (2021)
  • A Golden Past (2021)
  • I Hate Love Story (2021)

All of his releases are available on every international streaming platform. You can follow him on his social media for upcoming releases. 

In The End:

Uday is not just a musician and songwriter but a music producer in life who is trying to make a difference in society by enabling the people in need and at the same time making the best efforts to make his mark on the National as well as the International stage with his Instagram and other social media profiles. Uday has put forth a plan to drive a strong brand presence, increase followers, and of course engagement. Using different social strategies to influence the target audience. He has the ability to reach out to a new audience with her versatile content. He is a true backpacker and an inspiration! Never afraid to voice his opinion, he is a talented musician who creates great content. Uday is a genius entrepreneur who working all across the globe. His true talent lies in his knowledge of music experience. 

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