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Metaverse 3D Vixen Mamia Orio



Metaverse 3D Vixen Mamia Orio

I went viral for being a Metaverse vixen who makes over $100,000 a year posting adult content. I’ve been seen in Yahoo News and many other blogs and news outlets. I currently have over 80k followers on Instagram and over 50k on Twitter. I am a newly YouTuber who creates videos to help people with everyday problems. I love to give advice and I love to see people excel in life. I consider myself to be a positive influencer because I like to influence people to be a better version of themselves. I also own a magazine by the name of iFUEGO MAGAZINE where It features other beautiful avatars like myself. I believe that being a virtual avatar influencer not only allows me to tap into my creative side and remain anonymous with my real life, but I also have a sense of feeling like  I can see the world through the lenses of an entity other than myself.


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