Misbahur Rahman, an enthusiastic entrepreneur, talks about his startup – Pxlhut

It was the year of pandemic 2020 that Misbahur thought about creating a marketing agency named Pxlhut. Misbahur Rahman, a Bangladesh-Based entrepreneur, is experienced in front end web development, Graphics design, Digital marketing & SEO. In the beginning of his career his considerable skills helped him to boost revenue on marketplaces as a professional web developer, designer and marketer. He met different people from different countries through his work and helped them with their businesses. His experience inspired him to set up his own start-up. Besides he is the founder of an renowned IT Institute named FITV. Misbahur specialises in many things, but he loves to work with YouTube Gaming channels, SEO and marketing. In his personal life, his favourite pastime is playing video games. Working with a few marketing agencies in the USA as an SEO expert inspired him more for starting the journey. The lockdown time was hard for many countries, and the first world countries and many businesses turned towards online marketing. Misbahur wanted to help companies and other growing entrepreneurs with his seven years+ experience in the online marketing category. Starting with five in-house team members, Pxlhut is now a team of 25 highly enthusiastic designers, marketers, strategists and analysts. His agency is working with businesses and startups from including the UK, USA, Canada, specialising in digital marketing, social media marketing, UI/ UX design, Web development, Android mobile app development, Content writing and many more. Misbahur constantly monitors his teammates’ work and makes sure they can implement the best marketing strategy and do competitor analysis frequently. Misbahur asserts,” Working hard and giving your clients priority is the main thing to focus on if you are doing outsourcing. The more energy you contribute to your projects, the more positive feedback you receive from your clients. I love my team and the work we are doing for other enthusiastic business owners and new entrepreneurs! We believe that we can do much more in the upcoming days.”

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