Momar Sakanoko gives you 5 tips that you need to be successful

Momar Sakanoko is a successful entrepreneur, founder & CEO of Be Great company.

He is a former professional basketball player and is considered one of the most accomplished players coming out of France.

Momar retired from his basketball career to helping talented brands and properties reach their full potential and accomplish their goals.

Hard-working individual, Momar believes that ambition is the first step to success but there are other things that come with it.

So we asked him 5 tips that will help people to have a better vision on how to be successful. Here’s his list :

1. Successful People are Goal-Setters

Everyone has something they want to do with their life. But the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is simply the level of dedication put into the goal. Successful people create realistic goals and stick to them whereas regular individuals tend to procrastinate.

The normal person will set a goal and waiver after only a couple of days. These people are procrastinators, they put off their goals and wait for the “right time” to get started on their goals. But a successful person would stick to their goal until the very end. Instead of procrastinating, they will push through any obstacles to reach their goal. This perseverance and dedication are key and necessary when trying to reach success.

2. Successful People are Open-Minded

Successful people are open-minded to new ideas. They don’t stay fixated on one particular thing and allow room for improvement as well as constructive criticism. By being open-minded, these individuals allow new ideas to process through their minds. This creativity allows them to come up with new ideas that can help them reach success.

3. Successful People Live Each Day Like it’s Their Last

Successful people live each they like it is their last. They don’t put off tasks till “tomorrow” or “next week”. They prioritize and always get their work done! Living each day to its potential allows for more productivity and leads to success. Therefore, rather than putting off tasks and waiting until the last minute to get something done, try to live each day like it’s your last.

4. Successful People are Always Learning

Successful people understand that they don’t know everything and accept their weaknesses. This allows them to constantly learn and gives them room for self-growth. Because of this successful people are very adaptable. This gives them an even greater edge for success.

5. Successful People are Proactive

Successful people are proactive and don’t wait for success to come to them. They chase their dreams and success rather than others who often wait for success to come to them. By being proactive and taking steps that will help you become closer to your goal!

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