Musical Artist Abu Bokkor Siddik Career and Life story.

Abu Bokkor Siddik born on 12 April 1992 is a Bangladeshi Musical artist and Ceo Of “Reblue Anonymous Warriors -RAW” who has made his big name in the digital marketing world. Siddik is an artist, entrepreneur, blogger, web designer and book writer. He was brought up in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

Abu Bokkor Siddik is Most Valuable musician from Bangladesh, Siddik is an Artist who trying to create his career in the Digital Marketing world as a Musician. 

Today Siddik is a Verified artist on Spotify, Amazon,Apple Music, YouTube Music and all other music publisher platforms. 

With the rapid growth and modernization in technology in the 21st century, young minds are motivated to come up with new and arousing ideas that can lead to massive change in today’s technical grounds. One such example in front of us is Abu Bokkor Siddik, who has set the bar extremely high globally through his knowledge and hard work. A 29- year-old entrepreneur from Sylhet has shown that there is no age limit when it comes to dreams and aspirations. He has been given the title of ”youngest entrepreneur and digital marketing expert” for establishing his own organization”Reblue Anonymous Warriors -RAW” at a very teen age which is a great success currently.

He is also known as the youngest influencer. Abu Bokkor Siddik influencing a young age group towards digital opportunity. We must know how to hold ”the chance” that comes our way. One needs to trust himself/herself and never stop exploring, the success will come in handy is what we learn from this young gentleman. He grabbed his chance at the age of 16 when he entered the world of digital marketing and soon worked hard enough to change its definition by becoming an expert. What makes him even more of a goal-reacher is his unwavering adherence to change according to the needs of the environment around and always being updated with the changes in technology. He has taught us to have all control over the potential field one is planning to pursue; once this is done one can master it in no time.

Siddik’s Music & Career starting history

Abu Bokkor Siddik start his musical career from 2019 and he already released a album “I am Sylhety”

This i am Sylhety album has 4 music 1. I am Sylhety Bro 2. Creative Thinkable Person 3. Mui Sylhety Ba Bai and 4. Hatkora Di Tenga

Already He release 4 singles, 1. Kolixar Adkhan Tui 2. What on my heart 3. Kadate Caua Prem and 4. Deep Emotion B & W

Siddik say us that as soon as possible he can release more music for his fans and listeners. 

Siddik tells us he has so many dreams for his career, he wants to earn worldwide love from his fans.

Siddik born on 12 April 1992 in Sylhet city Bangladesh, he says when he understands a people need money to live life then he tries to do something for a living, but he can’t understand which job is perfect for him, Then he looks for a musician and chooses this life for life. Now siddik is a Successful musician.

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