Sayeem Afran is a successful musical artist & entrepreneur

Music industry in Bangladesh is a tough place to establish yourself and prosper. In a competitive industry like this young and raw talent usually goes unnoticed. But now is the time to talk about a hidden gem of the Bangladeshi music industry, Sayeem Afran. Sayeem is a young and budding music producer currently he is working as a independent musician.

Sayeem had a humble beginning to his career at the young age of 17. He started his career as a musician at his early age . He started a Social Media Marketing Company name “Sa Media”.

In a couple of years his business turned out to be successful. So in the year 2016, he started to take this idea forward and let everyone do what he was doing himself. He felt that if he could train others to provide the same services as he was himself providing then the music industry in Bangladesh can progress a lot. So he started providing training to not only Bangladeshi but foreign based companies as well. The courses covered in these institutes include motivational and entrepreneurship trainings.

After the hard work of an entire year his training institute successfully provided training to over 4600 aspirants across the country. Through the success of his business ventures he became well known in this circle. In 2017 he started giving motivational seminars in various schools, colleges and companies on the topic of Social Media Awareness.

Being a young entrepreneur he never stopped. He worked hard and continued his career with music & digital marketing. He says “”its very hard to continue two profession at a time but if you are passionate enough you can handle both”.

Now Sayeem is a youth icon. He has a massive popularity on social media. His music & digital marketing career both are inspiring for the youth.

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