Shashk Tiwari is a Fantastic Independent Artist

shashk tiwari

Shashk Tiwari was born on August 22, 2006 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Shashk has been interested in singing and composing since he was a kid. Shashk Tiwari finished his 12th-grade education in Lucknow.

Independent musicians are renowned for creating one-of-a-kind music that helps people connect with one another. In India, we have some incredible talent, like Arijit Singh, Amit Trivedi, and others. Shashk Tiwari is another artist who has captured people’s hearts in recent years.

Shashk Tiwari is a 14-year-old musician from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The musician cemented his position in people’s hearts with his song “The Masters.” Shashk has a large fan base in India, despite his young age. He has a sizable fan base on Instagram and his YouTube channel.

Music is Shashk Tiwari’s passion and his life. During his undergraduate years, he began composing songs and decided that this was what he wanted to do with his life. “When I initially began composing songs, it was simply a hobby,” the singer explains. But, over time, I began to really love it, and I began to write various sorts of songs as well as make many other types of music that beat the tunes – The Masters, Ease Up Sounds, and so on. I also like entertaining at parties and gatherings. It makes me extremely pleased to see live viewers enjoying my songs and dancing.”

Shashk Tiwari has made such a name for himself in the past three years that Hollywood and Bollywood have taken notice. Shashk Tiwari is expected to make a name for himself in Bollywood in the near future, and he is followed on Instagram by many Bollywood and Hollywood superstars.

Shashk Tiwari, a singer-songwriter, plans to concentrate on producing Bollywood songs soon. He wants to collaborate with some incredible industry talent in order to provide his followers with entertaining songs.