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Singer Giulia Tosi reveals that performing with this musician is her dream project



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Each one of us has that one goal or desire that is no less than a dream. Speaking of which, Giulia Tosi speaks about her dream project and she is willing to give the whole shebang to achieve it. She is the one and only Giulia Tosi.

Giulia Tosi says that she has a lanky list of goals to achieve in her life and performing with the most iconic singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift, is Giulia’s dream project. “For me, I will start considering myself a successful singer when I share an album with Taylor Swift. The singer is my inspiration and one of the reasons for the profound devotion I have to sing. The lyrics of her songs encourage me. I really can’t imagine the day when I would share a stage or an album with her,” said the singer Giulia Tosi.

Indeed, who doesn’t love Taylor Swift? We can’t truly comprehend how significant and huge it is for Giulia to stand beside her ideal and perform with her. But, we hope that Giulia Tosi’s dream comes true. Speaking to a few more, the singer adds that she wants to be a playback singer and a songwriter too. Performing in different countries is still on her list.

The singer, who has earned great fame by entertaining people with her soothing vocal cords and mind-blowing songs, now lets out her biggest dream project. Giulia Tosi is a very excellent singer. She has stunned everyone with her soulful voice. The singer has also performed at various shows and concerts. Do you know what “crazy vibe” means? Well, if you haven’t experienced it yet, maybe you should attend Giulia Tosi’s next live show.

There are numerous songs that the singer has aced with her tuneful voice. All this admiration for her songs has fetched a massive fan following for Giulia Tosi. Her social media is flooded with DMs and comments from her fans praising her. We hope that she finds more and more success.


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