Success in different fields is possible. How? : Korab Kozgori tells you all “Dream big and Work hard.”

It is a common belief that a person should only follow his profession, and that is where there are more chances of growth are considered. As it is believed that being successful is a difficult thing to achieve in any industry, but people have set an example in different sectors. They did so to do something different. To set themselves apart from others in what they do or how they influence thousands. Out of those exceptional ones, we have with us an entrepreneur Korab Kozgori, who has not only achieved a lot in the fashion industry and is now in the field of Network Marketing in Latin America.

At retirement time, he decided to pursue a new yet great idea. This was network marketing. He did so as he always had the vision to help other people change their lives. To achieve this milestone, he also overcame the language barrier. The place he wanted to work at was with people speaking Spanish and not knowing any of the languages Korab was already aware of. In his retirement age, he invested in learning a new language, Spanish, let alone with many other barriers that came his way. Today, he is one of the founders of Delta, the company which is with more than 1,500 members, on a mission to influence the lives of over 70 thousand families, to reach the goal where each person grows and help others to succeed.

Before this, he started his first business after graduating from college in he was a youngster. The idea was to open a clothing store. He worked hard on that as well and made it a success. After working on it for eight years, Korab was approached by a large European company. The offer to sell his company was so overwhelming that he sold it and thought of starting a new adventure later. He went off for some time with his wife, enjoyed, and let himself process his thoughts. He, after some time, made this company Delta, worked hard. It grew and is a massive success. Helping people is what he aimed for. He succeeded by extending the helping hand to people with his knowledge, ideas, money, and efforts. Assisting others to achieve their goals and dreams is what makes him worth the news. He is getting even more success in his life.

The goal of his company Delta is to train 100 Chairman. With every passing day, he makes a great effort to reach further. What he wants is that every member of his team gets the results he has now. To add value and help others in their lives is what he strived for, and he never stopped fighting and overcame every obstacle that came his way.


Korab Kozgori is an entrepreneur who has set his name with outstanding achievements. As a young entrepreneur in the fashion industry and at retirement age in Network Marketing in Latin America. He was one of those having a growth mindset, which enabled him to come up with exceptional ideas and face new challenges, and set an example.

They embraced the challenges, welcomed the significant growth opportunities, and he is welcomed by a vast audience now and then where he impacts thousands to make a change in their lives.


Saurabh Singla

Saurabh Singla, Founder of CaphIQ, is an Indian Entrepreneur, Active Author, Marketing, and Fundraising Consultant. His breakthrough is primarily from generating millions of digital impressions for Entertainment, Blockchain Industry, and various Startups.

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