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Suraj badoni – An Indian earning his name in digital marketing experts



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There are people who work for the sake of working and then there are people like Suraj Badoni who work because they love what they do.

From 2016 to 2018, Suraj has worked in the engineering field as a senior civil engineer. He has been doing great in his craft but he knew that he can actually do more.  

This is when he found himself in a completely different world – the world of social media management.  

As a social media manager, Suraj knows all too well that the moment a client entrusts a project in his hands, it means that the client also trusts him to oversee all the online assets they’ve got. And so far, in just a few years of being in the industry, he has proven time and again that he is more than worth the trust.

Suraj is a guaranteed social media savvy. He himself is a regular user of social media and is also well immersed in this environment. In fact, one of the articles he published on Quora has gone viral, a solid proof that the man knows what he is doing.

You can also find him on Instagram with his username surajbadoni555. He has the ability of telling a good story and if you check his posts on his own social media accounts, you can get a good idea of his skills and his ability of building his personal brand.

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It is also not a secret that social media consists of branding, marketing, sales, reputation building, data analysis, and crisis or PR management. Social media, after all, is mainly a channel for engaging with customers and delivering key messages relevant to their specific challenges, needs, and concerns. Suraj’s experience level in the business is very much evident in the results of his previous works.

Focus is now starting to become a critical skill in marketing. In the midst of all the noise and distractions that social media managers have to deal with, the capacity to concentrate has now become more complicated and difficult than ever. However, this is not the case with Suraj. He never loses his focus. Once he sets his eyes on the goal, he makes sure to reach it in the best and fastest way that he can. And along the way, he does a great job, much to the delight of his valued clients.

As a social media manager, Suraj also has the ability of maintaining perspective and not taking things too personally. His ability to manage and understand his emotions ensures that his clients’ brand will also have a healthy and positive online community.

His industry experience continues to grow by the day and together with this, Suraj also grows as a person. For the past two years, he already managed to buy 1 bike, 2 cars, and 2 houses, all of which are the fruits of his hard work.  

But, Suraj has no plans to stop. He is determined to soar to greater heights and become a better version of himself each day.


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