“The Secret to Making Good Real Estate Investments Is Foresight,” Says Real Estate Expert Simon Leviev

The very thought of investing in real estate overwhelms us. Besides the legalities and financial aspects, what’s more intimidating is planning and contemplating whether the decision is right. For first time buyers, especially, there will always be great deals out there. That being said, watching the entire market closely and under the guidance of a quality realtor advisor plays the most crucial role. In the view of the international real estate expert, Simon Leviev, the secret to making sound real estate investments is foresight, since it provides a long-term larger picture of how events will unfold in the near future – and what steps need to be taken to influence specific outcomes.

As someone who has survived and flourished in the industry for so many years, through his personal experience, Leviev firmly believes that the real estate industry is fairly deceptive. Yet, it can attract interest from individuals who want to make an investment and secure the financial future of their family. He also adds, “Before choosing any investment channel, it is important for investors to know how to do it, when to do it, and why to do it! Having guided an umpteen number of clients worldwide with different expectations, requirements, and aspirations, I always have and will continue to recommend everyone to always be realistic and not get tempted by other amenities while investing in real estate. Plus, intuition, anticipation, and practicality should take a front seat over other things, when buying a property.”

Besides this, being an international real estate agent with offices across different countries, Leviev believes that it is of utmost importance to choose and consider different parameters as well as perks before deciding on the city to live in – be it its political scenario, job conditions, market activities, or accessibility. As a piece of advice, he suggests to check the property in person – whether it’s a commercial or residential one – so that the land and environment can be examined, the condition of the property can be witnessed, and documents, if needed, can be arranged well in time. Additionally, to offer assurance and benefits to his clients as well as potential ones, Leviev ensures presenting a list of principles right before progressing with the process of real estate transactions.   

The real estate expert, while concluding, said, “For happiness and success, it’s important to have a little idea and plan ready – be it concerning our careers, personal lives, or jobs. The better our foresight is, the more we can take actions today so that we find ourselves in a better position tomorrow.”   

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