The Sports Stars and Companies Taking CBD Mainstream

Companies like West Coast Ventures Corp. (WCVC) and tennis player John Isner demonstrate why CBD is increasingly accepted as a useful product, particularly in the health and wellness sector

CBD’s moment in the sun may have finally come. U.S. tennis player John Isner, the 14th top tennis player in the world rankings, signed a contract with Defy, which is a manufacturer of sports drinks infused with CBD, the molecule of cannabis, marijuana plant.

Companies like West Coast Ventures Corp. (WCVC) have also helped educate consumers about the potential benefits of CBD. Jim Nixon, CEO & Founder, is a skeptic turned convert. The turning point for Jim was when he saw the incredible effect that CBD had when helping with his son’s multiple sclerosis.

Since then the CBD Restaurant company has stocked Illegal Brands CBD and dedicated a portion of their menu at Illegal Burger and Illegal Pizza locations to explaining the purported health benefits of CBD. All locations also stock the iconic Illegal Brands CBD water.

Back in the world of tennis, it has long been public knowledge that Isner has a genuine interest in the therapeutic use of the marijuana plant, which is reflected in his discussions where he points out the potential benefits of cannabis to help muscle recovery during competition.

“I play a sport where losing a single point can be the difference between winning a game or not and Defy is a product specifically designed to concentrate and improve my performance on every point. It was great to meet Defy as a company and we look forward to working with them to help people achieve better performance through CBD,” Isner wrote.

What is CBD?

CBD is one of the chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. It is understood to have several health benefits and research is underway to understand its true potential and positive effect on health. According to there was growing interest in understanding the potential benefits of cannabis products. Also called cannabidiol, it is one of the many molecules contained in the cannabis plant, and its use is important for treatments with patients suffering from various diseases: from epilepsy to fibromyalgia, from cancer to osteoarthritis, among others. It does without producing unwanted psychoactive effects, making it a better alternative to THC focused cannabis products for most users.

If people like John Isner, and companies like West Coast Ventures Corp, continue to educate the public of the benefits of CBD, it is likely that we continue to see a surge in consumer interest and the creation of a vibrant sector.


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