Victoria Lee Robinson has you dancing to her tunes with her new single “Motion”

“Motion,” Victoria Lee Robinson’s latest single, is a great party song. The song’s bright and lively nature will appeal to those who enjoy dancing like crazy and having a good time at parties. Despite the fact that this is a new genre of music for Victoria, it appears that her followers are enjoying it.

Victoria had to go to a variety of areas and meet a variety of people as a model. She’s seen a lot of musicians and heard a lot of different genres of music on her travels. She is a resident of Los Angeles. As a result, she considers gatherings to be just another Tuesday night. As a result, she desired to share something with her audience that she liked.

The song “Motion” transforms the party’s vibe from dreary to wild. When the music starts, there is no room on the dance floor since everyone is already up and dancing. We’re certain that after hearing it, you’ll feel the same way.

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