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What is Nano CBD? Everything You Need to Know



What is Nano CBD? Everything You Need to Know

Nano CBD is a term that is widely used over the internet, social and print media, especially in health and beauty magazines and websites. Almost every one of us have somewhere heard about or read about the multiple health benefits of CBD oil and its products.

We commonly come across it and see the word “Nano” attached to it. Have you ever wondered what it actually means and why is it so famous these days? Well, let’s talk about it in a little detail about how Nano CBD oil is formed if it is really beneficial?

What are its certain benefits and why is it most talked about. Sounds interesting? Let’s begin!

What CBD Actually Is:

CBD stands for Cannabidiol which is a compound that is naturally occurring in a plant known as Cannabis. Cannabis is known for its medicinal uses and has been used to cure certain diseases across the world for thousands of years..

What are the main benefits of CBD Oil:

CBD oil products are used as a cure for multiple health related issues.

Relieves Anxiety: Various studies revealed that CBD has great mood alleviating properties. It improves the brain’s normal response to serotonin. It overall reduces stress and its physical effects like lethargy and increased heart rate.

Anti-inflammatory Effects: CBD oil reduces inflammation significantly and is a great remedy for patients having arthritis and other inflammatory disorders.

Neuroprotective Function: CBD has proven effects against neuro degenerative disorders and is also good for relieving nerve related pains and has also certain benefits for epileptic patients and those having multiple sclerosis( a chronic condition in which the immune system attacks the myelin sheeth of nerves) .

Improves Sleeps: CBD is used for centuries by the patients having insomnia and disturbed sleep patterns. It helps both for falling asleep and staying asleep.

Pain Relief: CBD oil is used as an analgesic for general body aches. It reduces pains significantly and helps your brain easily manage pain. It is good for chronic pains.

Anti-acne Effect: CBD oil hydrates skin and is proven to have benefits for acne management especially for teenagers who frequently face acne issues and other skin disorders. It reduces activity of sebaceous glands whose increased secretion leads to acne.

Anti-cancer Effect: Some studies have shown that CBD is useful in cancer treatment. It acts at cellular level and prevents the growth of cancerous cells. It also alleviates cancer symptoms.

What is Nanotechnology?

Nano usually relates to the Nano scale unit of length which is used for measuring extremely small particles (about 1 to 100 nanometers). One nanometer is equal to one billionth of a meter (i. e 0.000000001m). Now you might have a clue about how tiny it really is.

Nanotechnology manipulates any type of matter at such a minute level and utilizes their useful effects in various fields. In simple words, there are certain effects of different materials which we can only obtain if they are broken at the tiniest level. This is where Nanotechnology comes into action.

Nanotechnology & CBD:

After doing wonders in other fields, Nanotechnology has given a new uplift to CBD products by making them more beneficial to the human body.

Nanotechnology has done many advances in CBD products. Usually, the CBD particles being normal-sized are not readily absorbed by our bodies. Studies have revealed that less than 20% of Cannabidiol actually gets absorbed per meal. Utilizing the Nanotechnology, the CBD oil droplets are broken down into such microscopic-sized tiny particles that they easily enter your bloodstream and get absorbed quickly and give maximum benefits.

There are many CBD products by different companies in the market that claim that their products are designed by utilizing the Nanotechnology but you cannot trust everyone out there. Only select a reliable company before buying a CBD oil product.

Why Nano CBD is better:

Here are some points that will further help you to understand why Nano CBD products are better than normal CBD containing products.

Maximizes Bioavailability:

If we talk about medicine or any health-related product, Bioavailability is everything. “Bioavailability is the degree and rate at which a substance is absorbed into the bloodstream”.

Nano CBD increases Bioavailability up to 90% ensuring that the maximum product is actually reaching your body without getting wasted.

Maximum Effect at Low Amount:

It is now a well-established fact that Nano CBD particles are completely absorbed as compared to the normal CBD oil particles. So that means less Nano CBD can produce the same benefits for you as compared to the usual CBD.

Water Solubility:

Normally the CBD particles being oil are not soluble in the water medium. The Nano technology converts these into extremely tiny particles. They are still the components of oil but being this much microscopic-sized, these particles get dissolved into your watery body medium.

Faster Results:

Usually, the CBD products make you wait for long periods to see the results as the absorption is slow. While the Nanotechnology maximizes its absorption, you see the desired results really quickly.


Nano Technology has given a new direction to CBD oil products by making them more effective and beneficial for you. There are multiple health benefits of Nano CBD oils and products. Choose the best and reliable products in order to get the maximum benefits.

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