Why THEKIDRORO Will Be One Of The Biggest Artist in Rap

Every day, young artists attempt to thrive with the superstars, trying to achieve millions of streams and millions of fans checking their music every day. There is a small percentage that manages to persevere and reach this level, and it all depends if you fit the criteria of a successful artist.

A rapper who just started taking rap seriously in March 2020, from the Manchester Area, “Roro/Thekidroro”, has been starting to make a buzz in the industry since the age of 14.

He has been posting his music on all platforms for a while now, mostly on his Instagram (@thekidroro), and has gained a lot of recognition from many of his inspirations such as @ksi.


If he keeps working, growing, and persevering, he has the potential to reach high levels, especially with what he’s doing at this young age.

Now we just have to wait, if Roro continues to drop as consistently as he does right now, who knows what levels he could get to. Speaking of consistent drops, Roro has dropped a track in early September called “Grind”, which racked over 50k+ views on his own channel. The hype is getting built and we’re excited to see what will come for this future superstar artist.



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