You can compete in the financial market with an expert like Gianluigi Ventre

Achieving what you want is not so difficult but not so easy. If you are a hardworking person like Gianluigi Ventre, then surely you have the ability to make your dreams come true. He is a well-known entrepreneur, and his capabilities in the online financial market and the ability to undertake and inspire others to pursue their goals to achieve financial freedom have allowed him to have an excellent reputation and the desired lifestyle by far.

He starts experiencing success at a very young age. At the age of 19, he had already managed to make a fortune due to his poker skills, a game he learned during his study at the economics faculty. His father owned a gaming club, and this is the main thing that allowed him to be closer to and acquire higher skills in this environment. 

While studying at high school, Gianluigi became passionate about Texas. At the same time, he began to explore different strategies and look online for various courses to improve himself, following the American language course. All this led him to have good results both in his father’s club and online, where he established himself more and more managing to play against several professionals from all over the world. He created his first bot for poker during university that allowed him to follow his strategy on multiple tables simultaneously on different online platforms. The choices of his “lucky” hands, the number of chips he had to play, and careful money management led him to have excellent earnings at the age of 19. The most significant achievement is the third place in a tournament in Australia among hundreds of players.

Over the years, however, the distance from home, the call of the warm temperatures, and the South’s beaches grew more and more in Gianluigi’s head, and he took a particularly important and courageous decision that changed his life miraculously. Recalling this experience, he says:

” I have arrived in England, got off the plane, walked around the table at home, got on the plane and never came back. ”

His aim was not only to make as much money as possible but to help as many people as possible to avoid making the same mistakes he did in the past. In those years he also opened his first company and growing in this sector he was able to see how brokers promised quick and easy earnings, calling customers to deposit exclusively for their own account, advising them to invest in a market managed directly by them, as market makers, and not in the real market, gaining from investor losses.

About Gianluigi:

Gianluigi Ventre was born in a village nestled between the mountains and the sea, in the province of Avellino, in 1990. His mother and father, with his grandmother, were a great source of inspiration for him. As a child, his dream was to become a dental technician but later on, he starts experiencing financial and economic studies. After completing his school and graduating, he joined a tanning chemical Institute and enrolled in economics. This was the turning point for him, and he starts his journey of success. After the struggle of day and night, he is now a successful entrepreneur. 


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