Young Entrepreneur Ömer Başkul Saçlı is the founding partner of Ajans Media Company and the biggest brain behind it

Ömer Başkul says that knowledge as an entrepreneur is power, and by spreading the desire for excellence, it allows its customers to be more successful.

The more we look at ourselves, the greater our chances of realizing that the wave of the digital age is now circling the world, especially during a global health epidemic (Covid-19). This has become the need of the day as more companies and brands resort to the digital world to survive in their respective industries. However, not all brands and entrepreneurs know how to do this in the deep ocean of the digital world, which is already a highly competitive industry. Saving and helping people and brands take their best steps in the industry using all possible creative and digital marketing strategies, is a young entrepreneur named Ömer Başkul. That talented business personality is still under 25,

Ömer Başkul, an entrepreneur with a knack for everything, was born in Hatay in 1999 and started working at the age of 14 very early in his life. His tendency to the software industry grew every day, and this led him to become an entrepreneur at a very early age. After studying acting and diction at Başkent University of Communication Sciences, he co-founded two mobile applications that offer online dating services that contribute to businesses ‘ progress towards increasing their presence at google and becoming digital. After that, he stepped into the world of digital creative and marketing with the media Creative agency and has never looked back since.

Today, Ömer Başkul’s agency is growing rapidly thanks to the team he has created in his company, filled with a very talented and skilled workforce. Because of their investment in their personal brands, they are also moving rapidly in the sector. Ömer Başkul’s importance in the industry can also be attributed to his work to provide something different to his customers by focusing on gaps.

For haired agency Media Creative and Ömer Başkul, their products and services come last for them; experience and relationship come first. They develop as a brand outside of people and relationships. What makes Ömer Başkul’s company so different from other companies in the industry is its focus on welcoming its customers differently. Personalized services are provided to each of its clients, and this is also one of the reasons that has made the agency so big.

Brand and Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, PR, Events, marketing consulting, expertise in cyber security, web developer, they offer many services including social media marketing and more. They help strategically growing brands with the help of Marketing, Content, Collaborations and even experiences. All of these services help them maximize their access across environments and walk the path to success.

A kind, sincere and valuable person who receives maximum motivation from his mother, Ömer Başkul has proven his excellence in the entrepreneurial world with his attitude that he learns every day and has offered each of his clients something new to grow exponentially.

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