The largest iceberg in the world ‘A23a’ is moving after 30 years

The largest iceberg in the world ‘A23a’ is moving after 30 years

The world's biggest iceberg known as A23a, which formed in 1986 on the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf in West Antarctica, has… Read More

5 days ago

Ron Baron expects that Starlink from SpaceX will go public around 2027

The billionaire investor Ron Baron stated on Friday that he expects SpaceX will "in 2027 or so" go public with… Read More

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Is Time Travel Possible?

Everything is fleeting in the universe we live in. The cosmic wonders you admire in awe in the sky, or… Read More

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Want to Capture Meteors and Meteor Showers? How to Photograph and Take Pictures of the Moon and Aurora

Some of the most fascinating sights in the night sky are meteors and meteor showers, but taking pictures of them… Read More

1 month ago

The Americas will experience a “ring of fire” eclipse on October 14; What time is the annular solar eclipse

Oregon will be the first place in the United States to witness the annular "ring of fire" phase of the… Read More

2 months ago

Starlink’s Satellite Cell Service, which is Scheduled to Launch in 2024, will only Provide SMS

Direct-to-cell won't support voice, data, or IoT capabilities until at least 2025 According to Starlink's recently updated promotional website, the… Read More

2 months ago

Solar Eclipse with the “Ring of Fire.” Coming Soon, In Which Countries it Will be Visible

On October 14, an annular solar eclipse will be visible in the skies over North, Central, and South America, providing… Read More

2 months ago

Last Supermoon 2023: Don’t miss the Harvest Moon September Full Moon view along with three dazzling planets

On Friday, September 29, the Harvest Moon, September's full moon, will rise. This particular moon is noteworthy. It will be… Read More

2 months ago

NASA’s Upcoming Historic Asteroid Sample Delivery

The largest asteroid sample to date will soon arrive on planet Earth as a special present. On Sunday, a spacecraft… Read More

2 months ago

Australia Will Be Able to See a Newly-Found Green Comet ‘Nishimura’ This September

Later this month, a rare green comet that was just spotted in August might be seen in the Australian sky.… Read More

2 months ago