Tasha Flynn’s New Track “Need You At Night”

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With her new smash song “Need You At Night,” Tasha Flynn wakes your senses. Fans are enjoying the tune, which has quickly become a party standard. The song has a captivating tune and a distinctive beat. Tasha’s career as a successful artist began with the song.

As if she were an artist, Tasha has a strong eye for detail. She was reflected in her IMAGE. But now we’re seeing a different side of her. We can now tell that she has the musical ability as well. She has the ability to write songs that appeal to her target demographic. They are more connected to us than we are to them. That is what sets her apart from the rest.

You’ll want to jump up and dance when you hear “Need You At Night.” It re-energizes and revitalizes your body. As soon as you hear it, you feel inspired to dance. The song has become a party standard in clubs all around the country as a result of its tremendous appeal.

Check out “Need You At Night” today on Spotify. The song keeps climbing the leaderboards every single day. We expect more outstanding work from Tasha in the future. We’re sure that she won’t disappoint us.

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Listen to “Need You At Night” on Spotify: