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Inspiration and Impact of Author Taja Fox’s Book, Always Abounding



Inspiration and Impact of Author Taja Fox's Book, Always Abounding

The power of literature is often underestimated. As people indulge in contemporary media, we’re witnessing a generation lacking wisdom or priority toward wisdom. They get confused and caught up in life’s difficulties, the complexities that are hard to decipher without help. When, in fact, it is pretty simple.

Life is a walk through the seasons, the fall of snow, leaves withering, marking the end of something, only for spring to welcome another beginning, much like the struggles we go through in our lives. And you know what the most beautiful part is? It’s self-sustaining; the new lilies in the grass aren’t planted, nor do the trees require a routine sprinkle of water by a gardener.

The truth? God’s love is always abounding.                                                                  

Author Taja Fox, with her book Always Abounding: Finding Abundant Faith in Changing Seasons, is a revolutionary book in the Christian Living genre that is changing lives as the seasons mentioned in the book.

It is a 21-day devotional filled with messages of hope from God’s word, encouraging readers to persevere and lead a happy and healthy life.

To pen a book that aims to enhance and strengthen your faith is an ambitious feat that Taja Fox has executed with diligence.

We sat with Taja to discuss what inspired her to write this book.

Inspiration Abounding

Taja revealed that the inspiration behind her devotional book is deeply rooted in a series of personal life events. Over less than three years, she faced the loss of her beloved sister, great-grandmother, and godmother. These experiences, marked by grief, combined with uncertainties of the economy, created a heavy burden that her family and she grappled with.

During conversations with her loved ones and friends, it became evident that they shared a common thread of headaches and weakened faith. In these moments, the idea of transforming their collective experiences into a source of strength and inspiration took root. The very realization struck that her experiences and obstacles could be a beacon of hope for others navigating their trials.

What also inspired her to write the book was the influence of former first lady Michelle Obama,whosignificantly shaped her perspective.

Taja also calls for young women like herself to share their stories as a means of empowerment.

The devotional book commenced as a series of heartfelt journal entries, where she poured out her emotions, often in tears, seeking solace, guidance, and clarity from God. Upon revisiting these entries in moments of reflection and prayer, she noticed recurring themes and patterns. Through this process, she recognized the transformative potential of her intimate struggles and the triumphs beyond her own journey.

She is grateful for the opportunity to share this journey and looks forward to the book’s impact in offering healing and inspiration to those who read it.


The passion invested in the book can be explained through Taja’s own struggle through life. It is not a story but a testimony, one that exudes God’s goodness, instilling a message of hope for all those who need it. As the seasons go by, we witness nature transform, reach its true potential, and wither, only for the cycle to repeat. Hence, Taja, too, believes that she has evolved in her faith and persevered through many hard times, from loss and frustration to redemptions.

She exclaims, “I can say who I was three years ago is not the same Taja that was before.”

Always Abounding makes for the perfect companion for your spiritual journey. This safe space will help you find words of encouragement when you most need it. Readers can empathize with Taja’s plight, gaining the courage to face adversity and, most importantly, surrender to Christ.

With her book, Taja is doing God’s work, changing lives as we speak. The hearts she has touched and given the courage to embrace their true potential have been buzzing to meet the author in person, and when they do, Taja describes, it is always an emotional encounter.

“Three years ago, I found myself stuck. I felt unloved and stagnant in my life until the day I was led toward Taja Fox’s book. It was a pull I could not understand, but I knew it was right. From the moment I began the devotional, I haven’t looked back. Life is beautiful, and I’m embracing it one season at a time, always abounding.”

-Nathan Skye (17 years old, male)

Make Always Abounding a part of your spiritual journey today. Click on the link to learn more.

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