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Who Is This God? How to Commence Your Journey of Faith



Who Is This God (1)

“If you have faith, you will receive whatever you pray for.”

-Matthew 21:22

Faith is one of the most crucial building blocks for a long and fruitful spiritual journey. We have been told this since we were old enough to understand the sign of the Cross. But, we weren’t prepared for the various challenges we would face through life that would directly attack our belief in the Almighty. Any questions or doubts about religion are often frowned upon, but let’s take a step back and consider if this is the right approach.

Aren’t we repelling people from embracing the Glory of God by showing believers a rigid definition of Christianity?

Let’s start over.

Here’s how to commence your journey of faith.


Think of this. Suppose you are tutoring your child on a subject they know nothing about. And each time they question something or are confused, we tell them to resort to the textbook or dismiss their curiosity by letting them rely on your word of mouth. Without forming their own opinion and critical thinking, or without asking questions, how will they find their way to the answers?

Similarly, our Father is a loving Father.

In Matthew 19:14, Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

The truth is, more often than not, the beginning of a spiritual journey begins with doubt. It starts with disbelief and questions that come with adversity.

Author Wayne J. Coleman, in the second edition of his riveting spiritual memoir, Who Is This God? vividly mentions how his faith wavered during his life. When his beloved wife and himself had trouble with conceiving, He found himself searching for God, drowning in despair and uncertainty.

In times of adversity, our spirit becomes vulnerable to the point of breaking. But the key is to persist. Today, Wayne J. Coleman tells his riveting story of how he found salvation in God from a place of adversity.


Alongside an open and curious mind, one must constantly converse with God to commence their faith journey.

In his book, he also quotes Jonathan Edwards’s perspective on the importance of prayer.

“Prayer is one of the greatest and most excellent means of nourishing the new nature, and of causing the soul to flourish and prosper. It is an excellent means of keeping up an acquaintance with God, and of growing in knowledge of God. It is a way to a life of communion with God.”

Prayer is the gateway and the bridge through which you shall find God. It is a conversation with the Father Who waits for us to meet Him and tell Him about our day.

So, don’t be afraid to question; be persistent in communication. Submit to the Lord, Our Father, and witness your life change for the better.

And who knows, maybe you can, too, share your testimony as Wayne J. Coleman does, facilitating many in their spiritual journeys as he shares his voyage of faith.

Who Is This God? (2ND Edition) now available on Amazon.

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