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Jerry Gibson Shares His Views on Christianity and Sports



Jerry Gibson Shares His Views on Christianity and Sports

Sport has undoubtedly become a big thing that touches a wider spectrum of society. Many can’t imagine life without the action. It enthralls and brings people together, something few other things can do. I believe it’s good for the mind, the body, and the soul. Everyone can touch and feel the fun of it all – players and spectators alike. 

That’s why it attracts millions of viewers and lots of sponsorships. What’d sport be without these two very important ingredients? So, I’m not surprised in the least bit that some say the game is everything. Besides, what’s not to like? 

Playing sports is good for your health. It helps kick stress and boredom to the curb – life is dull without recreation. And children can let go of their phones and do something good. Sports can be a great outlet for all that energy. 

As a Christian, thinking about how the two connect is normal. When I look at it, God gave us everything we need to jump, throw, swim, kick, and play. So, I’m surprised that anyone could question the role of sport in Christian life. Playing in competitive matches strengthens bonds and brings communities together. There’s no harm in that. 

Making sense of the indifference

Some say we need to look at sports and Christianity critically. Surely, Christians should always think about what the Bible says about certain activities. Some sports, like American football, are more notorious for causing injuries. Because of this, it’s normal to question how they fit into Christianity and the sports matrix. Moreover, some disciplines are downright violent. Take wrestling and karate, for example.

On the other hand, there’s the materialistic part about professional sports. That’s where the discussion gets interesting. Should Christians ditch professional sports altogether to avoid getting mired in this materialistic web? In my opinion, it all comes down to how you interpret the scriptures. Undoubtedly, this topic goes beyond trying to find the silver lining in sports.

We shouldn’t forget what the thrill of sport does to humans. And there’s the physical, emotional, and spiritual discipline that comes with it. So, we should set aside rough, militaristic sports like cage fighting. Let’s zoom in on those wholesome ones like tennis, golf, baseball, athletics, swimming, hockey, and cricket.

These are the good ones that help build character, stamina, and other desirable things. That’s what Christians should be playing and watching. As for the materialistic nature, we shouldn’t get distracted by people obsessed with money and fame. As long as we stay focused on what the scriptures say, sport is a positive thing in a Christian’s life. 

No Christian should focus on worldly items – discipleship isn’t about that. But aim to build communities, nurture good health, and build character through sports. So, I believe it’s about striking a delicate balance. That’s the winning formula. 

Giving our best in sports and Christian life

God wants us to flourish and be the very best version of ourselves. So, why hold back? There’s something we can do about living our best lives. I always strive to reach my full potential at work, church, home, or the sports ground. That way, I live a fulfilling life and praise God every day for the life he gave me. 

My faith and beliefs keep me focused on what’s right. Looking at everything this way, I see a rich and profound experience. Sport has a big role to play in all of this. It allows me and other Christians to contribute to a more united and disciplined community. As Christians, we should also promote the development of humane sporting disciplines. What could be better than that?

Our collective efforts raise an echo throughout our communities and beyond. One of the reasons why the church can’t separate itself from sports is that religion focuses on the person. If the person is at the center of everything we do, then sport is a channel to influence people positively. 

It’s no secret that being active in sports has something to do with the spirituality and formation of a person. It even has a part to play in how we relate to others. 

Many other things in today’s life impact Christians. For this, you’ll hear different views about how Christians should view them. These things include science, art, work, love, and learning. Politics is undoubtedly the elephant in the room. Sometimes, Christians react to these things with a sense of rejection or flight. As with sports, it’s all about how we interpret the scriptures.

All in all, I don’t see anything wrong with activities that promote respect for rules, loyalty, and camaraderie. Sport promotes all these things and more. Just think of physical and mental wellness, and you see how some sporting disciplines are good for everyone, including Christians.

About Jerry Gibson

Jerry is an experienced educator and family man born in San Antonio, TX. He’s an award-winning school superintendent passionate about bringing out the best in people through sport and Christianity. 

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