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Hadi Zinati: A Musician who Translates Music into the Language of Love



Hadi Zinati a musician who translates music into the language of love

Hadi Zinati is one of the youngest and most talented musicians in Iran, who has won the hearts of millions of people by writing songs full of emotion and love.  Using different instruments and different styles, he has made music a universal language that everyone can enjoy.

Hadi Zinati loved music since childhood and always wanted to be able to make the world more beautiful with his voice and the instruments he loved.  He started playing the piano at the age of 10, and after that, he was introduced to the guitar, violin, instrument, and dulcimer.  He was also fond of reading poetry and wrote songs for himself and his friends.

In 1390, he entered the field of music by sending a song to one of Iran’s famous singers, and since then he has collaborated with various singers.  He has composed and arranged more than 100 songs for himself and others, some of which are:

 – “The best work”, “The best day”, “The best mood” and “The best friend” which he sang himself and released as the album “The best”.

 – “The best love”, “The best life”, “The best way” and “The best work” which he composed and arranged for Mohammad Alizadeh and was released as the “Best” album.

 – “Best Eye”, “Best Lip”, “Best Work” and “Best Day” composed and arranged for Kasri Zahedi and published as “Best” album.

 – “The best laugh”, “The best cry”, “The best work” and “The best day” which he composed and arranged for Reza Malekzadeh and was released as the “Best” album.

According to the taste and personality of the singers he collaborates with, Hadi Zinati creates songs that harmonize with their voices and communicate with their audiences.  He always tries to translate music into the language of love and express his and others’ feelings honestly and clearly.

Hadi Zinati is currently one of the most popular and noted musicians in Iran, who leads Iranian music in a new and different direction with his works.  He hopes to be able to make the world more beautiful and bring love to everyone with his music.

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