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Practicing Situational Awareness – A Must-Have Tool for a Detective



practicing situational awareness a must have tool for a detective

Let’s discuss the essential aspects of situational awareness that help crime investigators notice the unnoticeable.

When crime and injustice linger close by, and the scent of cigarettes and blood fills the air, detectives must stand firm with an astute eye and orchestrate all misplaced fragments into one picture. Much like an explorer entering uncharted territory, a detective has to have a keen eye for even the most insignificant peculiarity, misplacement, and placement during an investigation.

You never know when a seemingly insignificant object will lead you in the right direction. For that reason, situational awareness becomes extremely important. It acts as the compass for a detective and leads to the culprit even when the fog of deception is as thick as a velvety fabric.

Every profession requires a specific set of skills, and for a detective, situational awareness becomes a constant companion in untangling the intricate web of criminal activity. Jack Fallon must also use this skill to catch a serial killer running rampant on the streets of Chi-City right now, killing escorts and endangering lives.

Let’s discuss the essential aspects of situational awareness that help crime investigators notice the unnoticeable.

Mental State

Sound mental state focus helps you stay vigilant in dangerous situations, aiding in good judgment of people and places involved in criminal activity. When informed of an incident, a good detective will look for points that might require extra attention. For this, their mind should be free from emotional vulnerability. Especially the depressive state, as it can cause many distractions in this line of work.

Physical State

Detectives don’t have to be extraordinarily athletic or muscular, but they must maintain a certain level of physical health to solve any criminal activity. Your physical state matters a lot during investigations. If anything threatens your safety, your body should be ready to protect itself and the public.

Special Awareness

It refers to understanding the layout of your space and how to move through it safely. Both of these skills are crucial in self-defense because they allow you to identify potential dangers before they occur and take action to avoid or mitigate them. For example, if you know a suspicious person loitering in a parking lot, take a different route to your car to prevent them. If you’re aware of a tight space in a building, you may be able to navigate it in a way that gives you an escape route if necessary.

Mental Rehearsal

Mental rehearsal helps visualize the crime scene to evaluate the number of possibilities a criminal activity may have taken place. This combines knowledge, experience, and observation to churn out different ways a crime may have been executed and better understand a situation.

Will Jack Fallon Succeed in Finding the Culprit?

New to the homicide division, Jack Fallon starts off on a thrilling journey with his partner, Elaina, navigating threats from a Southside street gang and unfolding a brutal murder mystery endangering the whole Chi-city.

Will he succeed in neutralizing the doom in the city right now? Or is it the end? Find out in Bob Kelly’s crime thriller series, “Chicago Detective Jack Fallon in the Mystery of the Exotic Escort Murders.” now available on Amazon.

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