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Most US states will Mandate Soon That Students Take Personal Finance Courses in School



Most US states will Mandate Soon That Students Take Personal Finance Courses in School

26 U.S. states will mandate that personal finance courses be taught in high schools after California Governor Gavin Newsom is expected to sign Assembly Bill 2927 into law.

Before its 77-0 approval by the Assembly, Assembly Bill 2927 was approved last week by the state Senate, 39-0. According to the state Department of Education, the bill is anticipated to become law when Newson signs it. As of 2027–2028, California would mandate that all high schools in the state provide a one-semester course on personal finance.

Then, according to authorities, beginning in 2030–31, the course will be required for graduation.

“Our young people need and deserve a clear understanding of personal finance so that they can make educated financial choices and build stable, successful futures for themselves and their future families,” California Superintendent Tony Thurmond said. “By adding personal finance to our high school graduation requirements, we acknowledge that managing household finances and building financial stability are essential life skills. Every child should have the opportunity to build these essential skills before navigating adult financial choices, not just those who happen to have the opportunity to learn these concepts at home or through an elective.”

Among other things, students should learn about workplace labor laws, credit score management, insurance and retirement plan options, minimizing bank fees, and budgeting for independent living.

Students in grades 1 and 2 will continue to be introduced to the subject of personal finance in addition to the required high school course. In 2016, the state implemented a basic financing curriculum for students enrolled in elementary schools.

First-graders are supposed to learn about how people make decisions about how much money to spend as well as how they exchange money for goods and services. Students in the second grade are taught the fundamentals of economics, including human desires, choice, and scarcity, as well as the value of specialization in the modern workforce.

A study on financial literacy has been completed by 28% of American adults, according to the 2022 TIAA Institute-GFLEC Personal Finance Index.

Pennsylvania became the 25th state to mandate personal finance courses in late 2023, according to Next Gen Personal Finance.

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